Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, September 25

Oh, you just know I'm gonna be a wrinkly thing when I get old... :)
(and ... you know... it's a bit like a morph between Darth Sidius and The Joker... snarfff)

Yesterday was all about houses... sweet mercy the universe of home building and home purchasing and home selling... is like a black hole ... sucking every available second into it's center and ... giving nothing off but the empty scream of darkness. I have to struggle to not think the worst of our agents... even though they seem a nice as all get out... and and and...

Well whatever. The boys went to my moms for a while, while suz and I met with some builders... See how I got to use "while" twice in a row... pretty special huh... er...

There was nothing but sunshine and glory yesterday and I even managed to get the lawn cut, some groceries, and other job-jar stuff. But last night was kind of a write off... just floor plans, news and passing out every time I sat still for more than 15 minutes.

Today... whole new deal. Starts with rain... and maybe I'll start the central vacuum project (putting a vac kick plate under the cupboards in the kitchen. :)

~ pj pants...
~ gap hoodie...
~ shower...
~ no shave...
~ grubby jeans...
~ and work on the vac project.
~ watch Desperate Housewives tonight... and think impure thoughts about Mz Cross.
~ that kaylee and her exceptionally ouchi arm - broken arm - manage to find some pain meds!!
~ that there was some magic I could weave for agateway...
~ and to send a big HEY out to Vaun... just 'cuz he's a good friend. :)

/// So... hows life in the coastal communities?
What will happen?
Will anything happen to real estate along the coast?
Will people continue to migrate to the coastal communities or will there be an exodus?
How about Nah'Orlens? Will they rebuild those wards that exist below sea level and wait for the next big storm to wipe 'em out?
Galveston didn't learn...
Why should anyone else?
And besides... it's only tax dollars and the burden of inconceivable national debt on your children and their offspring that pays for all ... who cares?
Wait wait wait... No.. what you can do... is find a way to take over some oil rich countries elsewhere in the world... and then use those resources to fund ... you know, the status quo.

I like how every hockey fan in the universe just lined back up for tickets and kissed the collective asses of the players, their association and the owners.
The word "sheep" comes to mind.

/ DO YOU REALIZE THAT THIS WEEK IS SEPTEMBER 30? That means the movie "Sirenity" will be released... I'm going opening night with my bro. I can't convince suzzy to watch the series (Firefly) so she has no concept but ... I am so stoked!! :)

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