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BB Update Time
The contestants think they're inmates, and the hosts' jailers yet they insist on thinking the Pen is a summer camp. Oh well, the fun for us is watching the process of discovery... let's see if they can earn their insanity badge this week...

An interesting barometer on just how much is going on takes the form of 'posting volumes'. The BB Fan Club bbs normally archives posted life feed transcripts after 25 messages... they're of varying lengths but in general there is maybe 3 archives plus the last 20 postings for any given day. For yesterday (August 29) there were eight (7) archives and a ream of 'last postings'. Needless to say, yesterday was one talkative time for the campers. So what do they talk about that needs such comprehensive transcription... Well lets look at a sample - and at the same time we get to concern ourselves for a moment on just how different the real experience is for these lucky folks versus the version that makes it out to your television sets...

The Brat (TMD), Mr. Lucky (Josh) and Ed exchange a few words on the back porch... (you figure out the topic)
Brit:I'm scared to do it! I'm afraid it'll hurt. I'm afraid it'll make a
Jo: It hurts a little but not really bad (from what I've heard)
Ed: Brit.. you f**k up my sheets, I'll kill you.
Br: what if I'm not any good. What if I'm not good at it.
Jo: only way to be bad is if you're not into it.. and you would be good...
Ed: practice makes perfect
JO; you'd be perfect...lots of practice... study breaks.
Br: I;m afraid of the emotional stuff that goes with it
Ed: thats not our department. we're Cocks R Us.. estrogen City is not our
Jo; don't do it unless you are 100% sure you want to ...then you will be
good at it.
Br: I want to be 110%.. then I will be so into it.
Br: were you in love when you did it?
Josh says.. first third yes
ed says Monica..yes.. others, no.
Jo: when I get out I want to date.. but not sleep around.
Ed: I'm gonna F**k everyting when I get out of here
Br: Oh God
(gee, Eddi really needs to learn to be more open...)
Special Editors Note: The reference to the Brat and Study Breaks relates back to why I call her TMD - the masturbating dynamo. She has previously explained that normal post secondary study habits included serious masturbation as a periodic means of breaking up a study session.... Apparently (according to TMD) she ditches boyfriends after three months if it does not look like it will be a lasting relationship... If she'd only learn to study with her boyfriend...

Ok so you get the picture? Cassandra went into the Redrum in the first couple of weeks of the show to complain about all the sex talk these young kids were engaging in during the late night drunken discussions. So BB takes away the beer... then BB takes away the late nights giving everyone a curfew. And now BB is complaining that everybody is far too superficial and calm. BB wants 'em to mix it up a bit... BB did not take sociology in collage. In fact BB did not go to collage at all - or he'd know enuf to just give 'em back the beer and let them stay up till dawn. But I digress! The issue is Cass and all that Sex Talk. She was complaining way back when... People, the sex talk has gone sooooo far beyond her wildest freaking imagination you cannot believe. Curtis (CURTIS!!!!) explains about tea bagging, and rim jobs, then they talk about some hard core stuff??? Can you just see the ZZ-Top Car Decal like flames shooting out of Cass's delicate lobes during some of this stuff?

Do we see this on TV? I don't think so! The other night the campers were doing the survey that got 'em all riled up - Miss Washmetonnes wanting to burn hers in the BBQ... etc. Then the Cass deal with "I am outta here... maybe... ok, I'll stay" All this leads to a pretty fun evening challenge - or so the home viewer thinks. The deal was that BB had had (intentional double word there... I luv that) just about enuf of these light weights and had actually screamed at all of them over the internal pa system. The challenge did not have a reward attached to it. No no no. The losing team would be PUNISHED!!! Oh, god I laughed so hard I thought I was going have coffee stains on my eyelids... Anyways, they (the HGs) tied... Bonus Round: everybody wrong - tie. Bonus Round #2: Everybody wrong again - tie... so BB caves in and tells' them that neither team will be punished. Nobody knows what the punishment would have been.
George: My personal fav for banishment tonight... All the HGs have elements of Home Town support and CBS has made a point of showing the television audience little snippets of that support to give us a flavorful mental image of 'cheering bar rooms' etc. Now just try to imagine the scene in Rockford (Georges hometown) in the bar - full to the rafters with his loyal fans and family - while he's doing his Karen imitation last night. I'm picturing the people in the bar from the point of view of the over-the-bar TV - a room full of slack jawed patrons forming giant letter O's and dead silence... Sprint could film a 'pin drop' commercial. It was embarrassingly painful to watch and taken in the context of the other little skits I'm thinking his whole family is living under a rock today - or actually (hopefully) on a plane to California to pick up dad during tonight's show. If there is a god, she will convince CBS to show those skits to the HGs during the banishment process…

The HGs spent a considerable amount of time last night talking deep about the experience and 'after the show' scenarios that include their planned reunion in Las Vegas... it was a heart felt moment in 'live feed' land that was (seriously now) chocking up the dedicated live feed transcribers. George has gone on at length about how sure he is that he is going and just how fine he is with that (never once getting close to tell'en the rest of 'em about his many Redrum begging-to-stay sessions). Curtis is also quite confident that he is toast and, while she's not say'en much, Cass is also sure she is gone. If it's Josh, Brat will dive across the floor and start smooch'en that boi big time. If it's the Brat she will simple melt into a pool of tears covered with dry-damaged hair. If it's Eddi (and it will not be eddi) BB will have to turn off all the audio instantly!!!

It will be interesting to see if BB starts to pull back a bit on the HF sessions - although they (BB) has said that they will only back off if the HGs mix it up on their own and based on last nights group hug that is simply not going to happen.

Anyways, it's a bit of a crap shoot as to who goes tonight - mostly because with 6 nominations the voting will be diluted to the point that obvious winners and losers cannot possibly emerge and in fact its possible that the telephone votes will be very very close between the three top contenders for a painful interview with Miss Tabloid (Julie Chen); George, Curtis, Cass. Note that I have seen a lot of posts about people wanting Brat gone but there is very little chance the people that buy all those lottery tickets and vote on $buck-a-call game shows will want her gone.

Bye for now…

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