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Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

It Never Fails...

Where in... Julie's hair clump continues to poke her in the eye, and not bother her - animatronic!! - and they play several games... all leading to the final two strutting their stuff and Julie talking to her last guest in the Loser Lounge.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
It's all about the endgame... and Julie is all in perfect hair-clump form to introduce the last bits of the three part HoH game, and an eviction. When last we saw our sisters of sin, they were astride a giant rotating safe dial, holding a key and trying not to fall off. Leave it to three girls to fricken hold on for almost four hours... but then Janelle falls... and after yet more miraculous time... Maggie falls, blaming - of course - Ivette for distracting her with dastardly talk. Ivette gets the combo to the last safe and pulls a pair of vespa scooters out... Then Mags and Legs face off doing a trivia puzzle on a giant padlock and Janelle takes it... but her face off with Ivette for the big banana comes to a tragic end after two... count 'em two sudden death questions when Ivette scores on a guess about how many hours they've been in the house. They actually had the same guess for the previous question "how many votes to evict have ever been cast?". Now it's all about the vote and despite Janelle’s efforts to convince Ivette that she will lose against Maggie... she sends Janelle packing. Mags and Fags are the last girls standing and - no shit - Ivette looked at Maggie like she was dessert when Janelle left the house. I thought she was gonna jump her right then and there.

Most Memorable Moment
Ivette looking at Maggie after Janelle left the house was classic... she had the look of a woman trying not to move, lest her toes curl up. K... silly... I know, but the look was priceless. :)

So fuck'en eh. Big honking drag in my books. The freakshow-that-is-Maggie and Ivette the walking time-bomb are in the final two. I could officially care less who wins now. Well ok... so I'll watch... but... bummer! :)

The winner…
Ivette gets the money...

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