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Mostly harmless

Thursday, September 15 Survivor Day... :)

i can see you!!!

Well there was rain... finally. It's been getting hotter and hotter... but at last ... it breaks. Rain last night and early this morning. Of course, this would be the first night IN FOREVER that I left my car windows open a bit over night (unintentionally) ... dum di dum...

My moms computer? bloody hell... reinstall but can't get windows to see the d-link air card... so I brought that home from my folks last night and I need to sort that!
My night? was strange. I was so zombie last night... but I got a million things done... alas... i'm usually cross eyed by the time we get around to watching Jon Stewart... Evolution Schmevelution is some pretty good shit though. See rant...

Up early... sipping coffee at the end of the "family bed" watching everyone sleeping through yet another alarm (buzzer first... then loud radio). If I didn't wake up... NOBODY WOULD... PERIOD. It's kind of comical...

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green dockers...
~ three tones (blue green beige) shirt and tie...
~ a grin... 'cause I'm sooooo not wearing a tie when I start back at the main office...
~ to finish....
~ to pack...
~ to say some goodbyes...
~ oh, and a little something about survivor guat.
~ WATCH Survivor tonight... :D :D
~ that Survivor doesn't suck!!!
~ to thank no for linking... [ :: Goblet Of Fire Trailer!!!!! :: ] - omfg!!!! Edward and suz are reading GoF now... Geo and I have read it a couple of times... It is sooooo going to rock. :D :D :D :D
~ that my friend... talashandy... my long time friend... manages ok today... you're in my thoughts sugar-J.
~ to just send a good vibe out to joggingguy... because he's way good mojo!!!
~ that the brave new world princessblondie is walking in... is comfortable. :)

Very much in the way that I shake my head in staggering disbelief when a medical doctor stands there ... all born again and pathetic... and tells me evolution is for shit, so too do I find it challenging to remain level when I read about the Intelligent Design folks reminding us that the Dinosaurs shared happy land with Adam - the clay boy, and Eve... adams long lost rib. Yes indeed... the eye ball is so far and away beyond comprehension in it's complexity that it strains mental capacity to think natural selection could bring a single celled creature from goo to an eyeball. But that's really only a problem because the intelligent design folks are fucking morons. Please suck the garden of eden through a straw and choke on it. Why do these people have to argue stupid shit when they could say something like "cool... well that evolution thing only makes any sense if you consider that there must have been the hand of god involved to get the ball rolling." I do not believe in any god beyond the placeholder for a construct that recognizes and embraces our collective insignificance and accepts the logic of greater intelligence and the endless possibilities of time and space... which is just a long way of saying... "yo, god? it could happen". But Adam and Eve? come on guys... they only made that story up a few hundred years ago and that was just to get a bunch of practically savage nomads to start working harder for "the man" (all early religions were a means to an end and if you believe otherwise... the word sucker pops to mind). What do you think they were doing in Nicea? Dudes... they practically invented christianity in the 1300's.
But whatever... how can otherwise intelligent people continue to believe in the teachings of a religion that has been so horribly tarnished by it's own behavior over the centuries is completely beyond me and reasonable comprehension.

Have you burst out laughing at an SUV driver at the gas station lately?
Why not?
You're really missing out.
oh... you drive one?

Well... recent images... video and still... escaping from the hell on earth that is sometimes referred to as Iraq... you know... YOU RELIGIOUS CREATIONIST TYPES... the birthplace of man according to the bible... is (here comes the sarcastic part) just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO better off since Georgie Poopie Head decided that it would be way more fun to have Halliburton rebuild an entire country, despite the cost in life and limb. Those Iraqi people... are just sooooooo lucky to have all this democracy and freedom. Well, the ones that aren't currently smoking... or on fire.

~ k... back to work. :)
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