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Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Don't Take It Mean.

Where in... the harpies finally turn on each other and the fur flies. We have an all important 'final veto' and the beginning of the last head ho games... Oh and we finally watch one of the icks leave!

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Day 73 and after a terrifying moment with Julie's camel toe doing her little scripted "walk arounds", we hop right into the action with 1 – Ivette begins to crumble over April spending time with Janelle, 2 – April is totally turned and presto, 3 – Maggie starts to whine. Cut to jury house and Beau "shushing" James as they watch the tape... and then it's all about the veto. Final Veto is a game time-line trivia thing with a hitch that makes it just hard enough to make ugly smoke come out of April's ears... Ivette wins and she – of course – goes all joy-buzzer, which, in turn, dissolves the wet tissue emotional barrier April wears. So she's all a'bawling and does this weird, nasty thing to Ivette about blaming her for making April "follow her". The technical term for April's issue is spelled l.o.s.e.r but whateva. Ivette goes all Scar Face on April who then delivers tonight's "how come Darwin hasn't killed you yet" line; "Please don't take it mean!" Janelle adroitly keeps her muffin capped ass out of the line of Cyclops laser gaze but Maggie is stuck out there... quietly turning to jello wedged in between the Fighting Welenda Sisters. Ivette saves herself from the block, Janelle puts up April when the one vote belongs to Ivette... it seems a forgone conclusion. April's dressed to the nines and Maggie is in sweats... Little Miss Shit Disturbing, Emotional Warfare Queen, Hating, Wanna-Be-Manipulator is finally out the door. And we can just see her standing with Sven looking at Matt saying "Please don't take it mean!". It's off to final Ho Game and it's the cliché endurance game. The three of them (Maggie, Ivette and Janelle) are standing on the three inch wide edge of a raised circle (part of a big "safe combination lock dial" mock-up) holding their key tied to a string on a pole. It's a "reach" to hold the key. Now stay like that... last one off is in the final round and the first two fend off against one another to face the first winner in the final round. Oh, the ring they're standing on ... begins to turn.

** Remember... no show on Thursday night... (that's Survivor). But it's a live show on Friday night!

Fav Quote
"Please don't take it mean..." (but every bad thing I've done here is because you made me do it...). This was Aprils gift to Ivette after Ivette wins the Veto game.

Of course, Ivette goes "all Cuban" ... and if that means becomes a loud, skanky foul mouthed hot head ... then yeppers. "April, you want the veto? You can shove it up your ass!" And it just goes on from there. :) hahaha...

Most Memorable Moment
Janelle comes down the stairs... about to head outside and see's ... and HEARS Ivette blowing a gasket at April. 90 degree turn and she goes in the other direction. She must be killing herself laughing.

The winner…
If Janelle managed to sway April to like her, and she holds on to her flipping key long enough to win HoH... she could win! - Hey, it could happen. Hahaha...

Two Things...
~ What is with the fucking gloves Maggie?
~ Seriously... can you just see April leaving Mat in a few years... hahaha...

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