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Wednesday, September 14

click click click... the house was clean for the Agent Visit ("Missssssster Anderson") so after I grogged out of bed... dressed Ed and got the boys downstairs, fed, lunches packed and teeth brushed and out the door... and did all my shower, shave, agonize over what pants still fit, etc... I grabbed the camera and went through the house taking a complete new series of pictures to update the web page "casa de corto" section (virtual tour of the house). ... and !!! bonk!!! I forgot to take outside pics... and the sun was perfect!!! grrr. :)

Grok: A term coined by Robert Heinlein and used in the novel "A Stranger In A Strange Land". The term is analogous to "understand" but implies a grasp of the subtle meanings or possibly used to move-the-conversation-along... "I grok already... get on with it". It is also a question.... i.e. "So you need to make that call before it's too late... Grok?"

~ green ftls
~ black... well... kind of a "treacle"... cotton cargos...
~ gray t and zee odd green button up short sleeve
~ second last day... and ... way NOT DONE... so I s'pose I should apply myself.
~ write something about the new kids coming up on Survivor Guat.
~ tonight? totally chill... 'specially after last night.
~ to just wave a bit over at harleydog... 'cuz she's so close and all... :D
~ to comment that I'm glad towanda lived through the night... (snicker)
~ that dana7880 steps carefully for the next three days... :D :D

Birthday moment.... happy birthday katscan!!!! Or should I say ... happy birthday sugar-snacks. :) I sincerely hope the world turns in such a way as to give you ever greater opportunities to let art sneak out through your finger tips... (I like the pictures you take!!). :D have a wonderful year Snacks...

"I take responsibility"... bwaahahaha...well d'uh... We've been telling you that for a week big guy... nice to see you're not also deaf. Brain dead is hard enough.
So... while you're at it... any chance you'll think about the insanity that is going on under your direct authority in Iraq... (CNN today: Largest Ever Insurgent Offensive today... hundred die from single car bomb... blah blah blah!!!!) You know history will record your guilt... why not stem the flow of blood and GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE... er... IRAQ.

Jennifer is still missing. Latest clue... a woman who heard muffled screams in the middle of the night. It seems that McDeath and BurgerWoof (mcdonalds and burger king) both take care of getting youthful employees home after a late night shift... but Wendy's / Tim Hortons... no dice. You're on your own at those places. The recent push to have 24 hour fast food (like anybody needs this!!!) and 24 hour drive through... makes for a lot of kids out in the middle of the night... because ... who works at these places? Kids!!!
I was actually leaking ... tears... while watching the news last night as the father talked of his hope and the communities effort to find his little girl...
I want to type... "when they catch the guy that snatched her... i hope he struggles and has a bullet put in his head!!!"
And then I thought of the next news item last night... a Canadian man in prison for 12 years, charged and convicted of the rape and murder of his three year old niece... is gonna get out of jail... because the fucking pathologist that made the original report to the courts was an idiot. It seems that there was no actual crime... the little girl died of natural causes and there was no sexual crime against her. JUST IMAGINE... sigh.

I read a comment from a long time friend today... a response to something I said to her... and it made me feel so ridiculously good... I could almost burst. Now, I'm a little tired and emotional with the end of the contract looming etc... so maybe I'm just ripe for the picken... but when I feel like this... I know deep down inside that it's worth being who I am. That might sound weird but... there are times in a life when you have your share of self doubts (I suppose there are people for whom this is not the case... but I can't really relate). Doubts push me to make more considered decisions... but they are also the mind killer... doubts are basically fears without the thrill, and fear is nothing but a carnivore that feasts on your confidence like it was thanks-fricking-giving. K... back to the point... Sometimes self-doubts take that nasty turn where you look at yourself and wonder... (thank you david burn) "how did I get here?" and you wonder, even if briefly, "am I the man I should be?" So all that big stuff just to say... it only takes the kind words of a friend to give you a healthy dose of personal validation.
And this is a really good time to remind you of how much I love you.
Thank you for letting me ... be the way I am. :)

~ k... time to get back. :)
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