Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, September 13.

However,... I felt a wee bit more like [ :: this :: ] when I sat down to snap the picture...

Yet another perfect day of weather... and yet another day to be spent in cube land staring a pale maroon work-area-dividers... aka baffles. sigh.
We all woke up a little late... 7:15... but everything worked out fine. :) The boys are off... and so far... the school hasn't called, so Edward is still in one piece. :D

Radio: The "standard radio" (company name) station in town is "hot 89.9" and it's all about the more contemporary hits... top 40 land and overpaid-black-guy-in-a-silk-bowling-shirt-with-a-room-full-of-booty music... (I'd call it rap but that's insulting to most rappers). Despite the stations musical shortcomings, they still have the best morning drive time crew... gah!!! I laugh out loud pretty well every day as I'm driving along. :) (and I'm mentioning this... for no particular reason...)

Co-worker dude started a few days ago... we're on the same team back at the OverLords lair.
I was gonna suggest a certain someone here really enjoys having her shoulders massaged and being winked at ... but then i got religion. :o

~ blue ftls...
~ blue dockers...
~ black new t - kinda stretchy...
~ two tone blue / black dress shirt, unbuttoned a little to show my manly... er... black shirt. :D
~ work work work... jobs done. (spoken in guttural peon troll!)
~ a little house building related research...
~ meeting with real estate agent (aka Darth Housious) tonight...
~ watch BB and maybe even get around to some of that LuLu work... (it's always the first stuff to get "put off till later"... sigh)
~ that lil_sass enjoys her... butter. :)
~ to wave a "hi, how are ya?!!" to my distant friend, sleep_walker
~ that a sweet friend, shannanigan finds the path to what she deserves and needs... !!
~ and sends a huge ... massive... hug out to sushie_shuakhwe... and you should too... just click her link and post the word "hug" to the first journal entry you can see!!!!!

Birthday moments...

A bit late (September 10) but not forgotten... stuckinkansas Happy Birthday Trace... may the year keep in you good health and in the hearts of people that love you.
And a wee bit less late... (September 11) doowat!!! Happy birthday little v girl... you are never far from my thoughts... and I do hope this birthday found you happy and rewards you with a grand year ahead. :D :D :D
and today? meeshsmind Happy Birthday sugar-Michele... enjoy the day... enjoy the year... and smile ... life is grand I hope you get the best of it! :)

Oh kay... so I'm reading about the dog kill'en in Nah'Orlens. I talked about his last week... before the killen started. The facts are self evident... and while it may be nice to imagine a vast expenditure of millions of dollars and the risking of many lives to rescue the rest of lost pets in the flood water zone of Nah'Orlens... the reality is that the dogs in question are sick. They have been poisoned by the environment around them... and they are starving... and they are going to die sad painful deaths. I mean... I can get behind some medical practitioner giving a lethal dose of morphine to an oldster in the Superdome that is dying a painful, sickening death to relieve them of their suffering... so I can't really get all up in arms about someone shooting those dogs. When a relief worker is bitten trying to save someone... or help with the rebuilding effort... where will the bleeding hearts be that are upset about dead dogs.
Just say'en... it's not like there will suddenly be a great shortage of dogs and people will never be able to get another one.
I've had pets all my life... and I've shed wwwwwway more than my fair share of tears at their passing but ... I am not going to forget that they are PETS.
... and if my reminding you that "Pets" is a special category... versus HUMAN... then I'm suggesting the problem is something you have... not me.
cold... I know... but LOOK AT NEW ORLEANS... and tell me again what compassion is?

... and did you send that hug I asked you about? (points up to the "wishing" section.)

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