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Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Boink... Boink.

Where in... the fact that it's early September suddenly becomes inconsequential because in the BB6 editing room... it's all April. Firmly impaled by her own ego, she twitches and convulses yet manages to live on. There's boobie poking, stunned disbelief, and a wee bit of fame for the leggy one.

Loser say what?
(aka “The show in as few words as possible”)
The BB April Special, masquerading as a normal Saturday Nomination episode begins with April leading the ick-sisters in a rag-on-Janelle session. This gives way to a video collage of Aprils various proclamations about missing sex and you are left with the distinct impression that she is either frigid or spends Saturday night tied to a four poster while Mat mainlines Viagra. This even included the soon-to-be-animated-giff of April jumping, in slow-mo, in a tight black shirt, up... down... up... Janelle does a bang up job of making nice-nice and I can't decide what was worse... her doing it or them eating it up. The ick-sisters literally ignore Janelle’s invitation to share the HoH... as in "oh thanks!" and then ... never come back. While the icks are busy dissing out Janelle, America is busy picking her to go on the studio tour (aka 10 minute commercial) of the show Two and A Half Men. She goes, it's cool, the audience loves her and she comes back... But the real fun was watching the icks sitting together in the diary room and being totally agog that America does not love their skanky bitch soaked asses!!! "We have these hearts" intones Ivette... They are bitching out America for liking Janelle, they're singing their own virtues like they were the first three fricken female Popes or something and then it starts to get juicy about what they think of Janelle and April stops to say "Um... Are you taping this?" bwaahahaha... omg! Janelle rubs the fun of A/C in their faces a bit and then, the next day, the girls lay in the sun like lazy cumquats and poke each others titties all afternoon. Janelle makes her move and gets her new boob poking lesbonic lover alone and the wedge slides in between Maggs, Fags and The Dumb One. Janelle nominates Maggie and Ivette while April just doesn't get that she's just been set up.

Fav Quote
(See MMM below!!)

"I'm the girl version of Howie!" ... mmk April... you're the girl version of short cement pillar.

"I have never said I hate you to anyone in this house!" and then cut to a collage of scenes with April saying "I hate you..." about pretty much everybody. bwaahahahaha... Take that Mat! (fat husband)

Most Memorable Moment
As much as I wanna say something cerebral like;
Aprils question to the CAMERA WITH THE RED LIGHT ON IT "Are you taping this?" is more telling than any other stupid ass thing that skank muffin has done this season.
However, I can't escape the fact that my best laugh was when April and Janelle were poking each others arm-pit boobie boob-job boobs while they lay on their front (April) and back (Janelle). Fuzzy video covering what appears to have been ample implant squeeze eaking out from under April and then Janelle’s poking it to BB added "boink" sound effects... Then April returns the favor to Janelle’s lays-on-her-back-and-their-still-baseballs boobies. boink... boink boink... it was classic.

The winner…
There is just so little chance that Janelle can win... and it's sick to imagine any of the others getting the money... but ... oh well.!

Two Things...
~ Janelle should have just asked them outright... which two of you do you want me to nominate? and leave it with them saying "tell me before noms or I'm nominating Maggie and Ivette." just to fuck with them!!!
~ I'm all about admitting that Janelle has been one surprise after another, despite looking all muffin-cap in her jeans and short shirts. :)

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