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more indulgence

I'm sitting on the bus this morning and - ok wait, context.
There's this girl (sheesh, how many stories start that way? hehe) at my bus stop in the morning... she's a sweetheart and we always chat it up a bit. She was studying cue cards today... I ask her what's what... They're like 100 cue cards, and each is a run down of a dif muscle on the human bod. She is facing a major exam in her massage therapy course. So the requisite jokes go down about "so when you really need a practice partner, I live right over... "
Any ways, I'm sitting on the bus - frustrated a bit by this 6 or 7 hundred year old Chinese guy a few seats back that is just jabbering away WAY too loud for a commuter bus and I am completely overcome by the memory of that episode of Friends where Phoebe has to admit that while giving this hunky guy a massage she succumbs to temptation and bites his ass....
I felt bad for feeling like diss'en that Chinese dude while I sat there laughing my ass off... :D
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