Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

two things...

~ Lj is not sending comments... or is "sending them sporatically". just say'en...

~ we watched the movie "Stir of Echos" the other night... it started at 1:00 am and we pressed buttons to tape it and thought we'd go to bed... but the first 10 minutes hooked us with a good scare and then we sat there... having the crapola scared out of us... good ol'kevin bacon... And it was a good scary flick!!
There was this one funny moment in the movie... this central character that we don't like... is a bit of a creepy husband... and he's walking with Bacon while both men's wives are walking together behind them... and creepy-dude is totally eye balling every girl in the universe as they walk along. At one point... his wife hollars out to him "Why don't you just lick them as you walk past?"
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