Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, September 11

Today is the one year anniversary of putting down cigs.
Just say'en...

It's another gorgeous day... it's hard to imagine how crappy it's gonna be when the winter gets here. :)

We cruised yesterday... The kids went to the b-day party that kept them from morning to mid afternoon ... and we spent that time listening to home-builder-spiels. Man it's a big decision... and it's not gonna be made this weekend. But ... it's coming. Man-o-man there are some nice houses out there... We're looking at a house plan that includes building on a 2 acre lot... that's just amazing to my imagination. Still... it's all stuff for big choices and those take time.

~ black ftls
~ relatively old t shirt...
~ crusty bits from sleeping... :(
~ to shower...
~ folding laundry...
~ ironing...
~ job jar madness...
~ going to my SIL's after dinner with the gang..
~ that I'm managing to fulfill my desire to remain an equal opportunity offender. er...
~ for the world of air travel to be kinder to morganofthefay next time 'round. :)
~ that the missing sock gods return errant papers to kimmellee

// 9-1-1
The dogs of terror chased us out of our hammocks.
And mother nature laughs at us as we climb to higher ground.
But we will never surrender...
We are a western world but only when viewed from the east.
From every other direction, we are just another people.
Adventure, bravery, and the remarkable human spirit describe our history
Built the world around us... and will carry us into our future.
Nothing can tear that down.
No one can turn us away.

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