Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Things that need saying....

~ iPod Nano... bwaahahahahaha... :) --> laugh directed to the many ipod owners...

~ Richard Hatch... up on a variety of charges, incl. tax evasion, bank fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud... big fat naked gay guy fraud... bwaahahaha... suckkkkka

~ now this next bit...

My position on guns... is a classically Canadian one. I shake my head in sad wonder at the gun culture that has grown and prospered in the united states and recognize that the genie is out... that ship has sailed. Now it's all about knowledge, education and social/political and legal guidance.

But the fact remains... the US constitution... the sacred text upon which the entire freaking planet must dote... is supporting gun ownership.
The amount of law, legal wrangling and culture that is litterally dripping with liquified gun issues is mind boggling.
And when the shit totally hits the fan... aka ... New Orleans...
The government chucks it all and tells people to screw off and give up their guns.?????

What the fuck is that?

Do you see those people in the DRY houses that are small palaces... unscathed by the devistation that washed over the rest of the city?
Those people... must be screaming freaking mad at having to bail and walk away.
But they should have a choice.
And all of their rights... shouldn't become doormats for trained monkeys with flack jackets and m16s.
My mind boggles at this aspect of the drama unfolding in NO...
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