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Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Not A Crier?

Where in... I am forced to sing... "how much is that window in the poodle?", play Mozart's "Dirge For Fallen Jedi" on the Bassoon and ring the bell for round three at the Jury house. Julie, the space alien, messes up her lines again... we all learn a secret that was no doubt old news for the live feed junkies.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Darth Howie sits with his apprentice and invites her to go over to the dark side... He and Janelle make excellent arguments to the leaky Cuban (begging the question: what exactly is the difference between a dyke and a levee?*) who gives us the impression that she digs the logic of not going to the end with "The Friendship" if she actually wants the money... and if history is our teacher then we know that line of thinking is for shit and she wont possibly defy the freaky friendship under the leadership of Jimmy Jones Maggie. April reveals that she's a debt riddled credit card junkie and then Julie blows another cue looking pretty much like an Asian Lady P from the original thunderbirds... [ :: Dig It :: ]. Radey-P** introduces Ivettes Mom... who looks like a Far Side cartoon of someone after the cigar explodes, and Ivette's poodle. Both of whom will be getting a strip torn off of when this all washes up on the shore. Mom is sick of "the friendship" and Poodle HATES (her word) Eric-The-Miniature-Fire-Captain (my words). Oh and poodle loves Janelle... bwaahahahahahahaha... A quick trip to the Jury house gives us a few great moments of the tension between James and Jennifer (I can only fricking imagine how bad it was off camera!!!) and then Tiny Ass ... er... Beau shows up. Despite Poodle saying that Ivette is "not a crier"... she gets leaky again, in her HoH interview and then Julie blows yet another line asking the nominees to "choose their whorls carefully" as they play along with the idea that there is any reason to not just jump to the conclusion that April stays and Howie goes! April and her bent nose make a lovely little "I've been working on this all summer" speech. Howie's speech was really good... and long. Then the stupid Cuban breaks the tie by sending Howie to join the kids at the jury house, making it three to two against "The Friendship" and, no doubt, making Ivette's poodle and mommy both start screaming at their television sets. A new America's Choice starts... and this one is to send one of them out-of-house to do a walk on with the show "Two and a Half Men". No doubt, Janelle will win this!!! :D hahahahaha... This brings us to the HoH game and it's a "thinking game" ... so Maggie, and April are out... this leaves Janelle and she nails it!!!! Jedi Jane wins and Maggie is suddenly poop'en out bricks like a she-mason. :D

Most Memorable Moment
When Poodle said she liked Janelle, and the camera was panning over a bikini clad Janie then Poodle says that she thinks Ivette is just jealous... Oh my god!!! Ivette is going to be pulling poodle hair for a week over that!!

Perhaps the "Friendship" votes would turn on Ivette as punishment for axing April ... but it still would have been classic!!!

The winner...
come on Jedi Janie!!!!

Two things...
~ now that Howie is gone... can you ever see how freaking huge Janelle is compared to Maggie, April and Little Cuba...
~ Did you hear Howie refer to Janelle as a Big Brother Archivist? And then in the last scene there she is talking about some thing that happened in BB3... I bet this was old news to the Live Feed crew but ... cool beans. Janelle is a constant source of pleasant surprises. Now if she could do something about the way her face doesn't bend properly when she smiles... she'd be almost perfect...
~ ok, three things... have you noticed how often Julie is asking Janelle "a question from the web site" ... this must be slamming home to the other house-mats that it's all about Janelle on the website!! J

* When a dyke leaks... you can stick a finger in it to stem the flow.
** re-rey baaa axcent ... yo!
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