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Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Jedi Jane

Where in... Howie the wanna-be-sith-lord seems to be just a few paces short of the end of his plank, and Ivette takes up the reins of Head Ho and continues the tradition among "the friendship" of being completely looney toons about it. Darth Howie trains up the Jedi Chick and the Teen Girl Squad dishes out the dirt... with their mouths full. Oh... and researchers have found [ :: this picture ::] of Howie from his youth and as the picture demonstrates... he knew April way back then.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
With yet another "difficult moment" for Ivette under her belt and many more tears pouring out of her leaky Cuban head, we kick into a veto episode that just scores all kinds of points on the fun side. This does not, however, include Ivette running through the house screaming "I’m H-oh-H" like she’s in grade 4 and has a bee on her back. She gets her HoH room... her first HoH room and we get to see her poodle... er, I mean her girlfriend. The girlfriend picture made a wonderful impression on Janelle... (and then I had to wipe snot off my chin from laughing so hard). Howie slips rather deeply into character channeling a George Lukas day dream, stalking the house with his light saber (and it’s a fine light saber ladies and gentlemen... Please buy me one of those!!!) He trains Janelle in the ways of the force and then it’s all about the Veto game. They play the Morphed Picture game and somehow David Spade ends up as an "Arab black drag queen". Janelle utterly nails the living crap out of this game, putting everyone else to shame... so they (the teen girl squad) rag out on her winning Veto because Janelle "stairs a lot" bwahahahaah. We endure a moment of watching April chew and talk and then she makes like there’s something wrong with Janelle because she can’t be expected to save Howie from the block – strange but true. Ivette hatches a plan that is essentially the exact plan that Howie and Janelle were hoping to sell Ivette on so... the outcome of this weeks eviction remains up in the air... but Janelle saves herself, and April goes up as a pawn. And the blue sparks shoot out of Janelles finger tips when nobody is looking. :D

Fav Quote
"I don’t’ want to slander anyone on national television but her girlfriend is ugly as hell!" bwaahahahaha ah yes, Janelle has such a delicate way about her. :D (this after getting a peek at Ivette’s picture of her girlfriend)

"Jedi Jane is Hot! The force is strong in her. A powerful Jedi she will be..." Darth Howie doing a little Yoda.

"This is what HoH is all about." Says Ivette after she and the teen girl squad put up their cappy shrine. Um... Ivette... this is NOT what HoH is all about... it’s about the game you leaky dyke... gah!!! (come on... get it? Leaky dyke? Hahaha... ok ok ... fine. I apologize to all the dykes)

Most Memorable Moment
Again, hard to choose:
~ Howie.... Wandering the house with his Light Saber and acting like he’s maybe twelve steps over the psycho line. Hahaha... he’s friggen great!
~ or when Janelle dissed out Ivette’s girlfriend.

Ok, so Ivette can look forward to being cast aside by Maggie just as soon as Maggie gets any power. Maggie must know what Ivette knows... that either of them stand a better chance at the money if they are up against one of the Jedis. The jury house is full of the "friendship"... April, on the other hand... is just really really stupid. (hahaha... she didn’t bat an eyelash at being put up as a pawn... bwaahahahaha GAH!!!! Why didn’t she demand that Maggie go up???? So Ivette brings the ouster of April to Howie and now we wait for Thursday.

The winner...
I would be pleased as punch if Janelle somehow got to the final two but theres no way the jury will vote for her, so she’s toast. If Ivette had put Maggie up this week as a pawn and fried her on Thursday... it would have been good for her... but as it stands now... it sure looks like Maggie is in the money.

Two things...
~ dude!!! Did you see how much that one morph looked like David Spade??
~ Janelle is an awesome competitor. She’s a bit funny looking but she seems more normal, and fun and whatever than any of these freak girls they put in the house. I mention this only because it’s a total turn-around from my first impressions of her.

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