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|Wednesday, September 7

Another day carefully crafted by loving, steady hands. Mom Nature seems to have kicked the crack habit for the time being.
Sunshine... cool air... leaves hinting at things to come and school buses roaring around gathering up all the little ones.

I think one of the very cutest things ever...
is watching the parents at the bus stops on the street...
the parents of the kids that are taking the bus for the first time.

We put the boys to bed at a good time last night... and they even went to sleep... but, alas... Edward was still an extra from Shawn Of The Dead this morning. That boy just does not like waking up. sigh. I'm staying on track with the whole "pre-setting the coffee maker" deal so there's always coffee waiting. I start with dressing Edward, and getting Geo to go get dressed... then it's "drag them downstairs" time for breakfast... I get that done and their lunches ready then trade with Z, who is by this time finished her prep and coming down the stairs. I kiss everyone good bye and head for a shower. Then it's all about getting cleaned up, dressed, pack-lunch and zooom away.

~ new blue stripee ftls
~ green dockers
~ beige two tone short sleeve dress shirt... (wearing the minimum today... it's just too hot at work lately)
~ ug... ok ... work work work on a document... procrastination nation be here... :)
~ write bb6 thing at lunch...
~ bbq a steak (marinating it all day today) and baked potatoes...
~ tonight? back to LuLu work...
~ that today brings some pleasant results to dana7880
~ for a miracle of any sort for distortedgirl
~ to send a few good vibes out to darkbay ... just 'cuz
~ that arlyn enjoys the shorts... all day... :)

Mommies and daddies... cameras in hand, standing back a bit from the tiniest little people ever.
Giant back packs... and wee feet... move across the grass and pavement to climb the impossibly big steps on the school bus.
click click click... wave wave wave...

Mommies and daddies... rushing around the street to get to their cars
And the convoy starts up...The line of cars following the school bus.
They all dodge ahead at the last moment...

Mommies and daddies... standing like no one can see them... beside trees, beside one another...
Statues dotting the landscape around the front of the school...
Little feet emerge from big yellow coaches and a line of giant backpacks move towards the school.

And little tiny tears sneak around those mommies and daddies.

Several Billion Dollers.
That and more is once again handed over to Haliburton.
Never have so many given so much to so few.

Bush: "It seems like people are wanting to play the blame game..."
Me: "No Mr. President... what they want is for you accept the blame and move along. How dare you stand before representatives of the affected areas and congratulate the Head of FEMA on doing such great job? (and you clapped your hands when you said his name...). The suggestion that the failure here should be shouldered by local authorities is an insane spin that I hope bites you in the ass cheek. It does not matter that the City of NO had years of indecision at their backs regarding Levee updates. Everyone from local, state and federal levels has had something to say about the levees over the last five years. But exactly how is any of that relevant? All that mattered was a response that would save the lives of those that could not leave and to put an end to the horrors inflicted upon those poor innocent souls by the criminals among them."

Jennifer Lopez is supposed to be pregnant. I wonder if she'll get a huge ass from pregnancy... oh wait...

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