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Tuesday, September 6

It's a new world... You know those "prophecy" types that tell you about how the world will end on such-and-such a date? Yeah... well it does happen. Heck, the world as you know it ends every night... because the world you wake up to is ... new every day. And today is clearly no exception. Up and sorting a family into action for lunches, school buses and somehow... a healthy breakfast. :)

The boys were cliche... Geo up and trying to get his vast mop of hair to settle down... Edward was refusing to wake up ... he practically eats his breakfast... while asleep. :)

Suz starts work again tomorrow - her work schedule is part time and stays in sync with the kids and school... so she's been off all summer. (her employer totally loves her...)

It was actually cold out ... Love that!!! Fall is just itching to be all over us... and I'm a huge fan... I love fall.

~ black strippee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ new dress shirt... and the new tie. :)
~ total work day... I'm in the "zone"... gunning for the finish line of this engagement... (It ends on the 15th).
~ BB6 tonight...
~ to make sure suz knows how loved she is...
~ that all the mommies and daddies that are dealing with first day of school emotions... enjoy the opportunity to feel such things. :)
~ that innerly never vanishes from my life...
~ I could explain how wonderful and important you are...
~ to welcome pixiecup home from Burning Man... (lucky duck). :)
~ and some great vibes and good luck out to Ruth... raherrier and the new adventure... I'm glad to see you have such a great outlook on change!! :)

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday amythyst!!! I hope there are stops on the road you're on that reward you well. You are a unique and appreciated friend in my world... and i want to wish you the very best of birthdays and for the year ahead. :)

Katrina will stop being the main source of news soon and we can all get back to paying attention to how many people are blowing up in Afghanistan and Iraq but for now... well... check [ :: This Out :: ] (it's a Katrina video, song, heart tugging, deal thing...).

Here's the thing... you have to take the time to cruise the news sites in Australia, Canada, Britain and elsewhere to get the real deal on what's going on... I haven't seen (but I could have just missed it) anything on CNN about six aid workings getting SHOT AND KILLED [ :: Read It :: ] by overzealous National Guards in N.O.

Sample this... [ :: The Australian :: ] newspaper story about two girls who had to endure time in The Dome. "The Dome" will soon become an cultural metaphor for hell-on-earth... you just watch...

Our local paper had a massive bold text headline today about the body count in N.O. 10,000.

Is it fair to blame George Poopie Head Bush for this? Can the administration of the Government In Power be held accountable for a natural disaster?
You bet your sweet ass!. They knew this was going to happen... they (the government) had foreknowledge of the problem and the expected results and they still took a week to respond. The line in the sand ... is no empty texan threat to a world gone mad with terrorism. This line in the sand will hopefully separate Poopie Head from the time that anybody thought he had any value.

You know how the horror stories coming out of New Orleans catch your eye and you end up wishing you'd turned away? School is a lot like that... you read and hear about the stories that certainly gave us concern as we ushered out children off to spend their days in the care of a system that is supposed to educate and shape them. But that is the nature of news... the negative stuff climbs up to get to the front of the stage. But for every individual storie of a bad teacher, an accident at school, some evil uncontrolled kid... there are a dozen remarkable stories of glory that don't get told. It's just amazing to me how dedicated and unappreciated public school teachers are... Amazing women (majority) and men that shape the hearts and minds of our children... and we ridicule them for having "the summer off" or some other crack about their work load or pay... I'm telling you... these people... teachers... are the most important people you will encounter as a parent. They deserve your undivided attention on parent/teacher day, more pay, and to be treated like the precious resources they truly are by the collective agreements that govern their jobs...

Will you know when you are where you want to be?
Are your needs being fulfilled and is the life you have wrapped around you the life you want?

Are these sorts of questions the kind you will ever actually have the answers to?
Or will it simply be the reason you smile or frown,
As you lay waiting for the last moments of life to slip away.

I don't know.

What I do know is that you must, with all of your heart, believe in something... if you want that inner smile to live.
If that has to be some god... then fine... but I think that's kind of taking the easy road.
I think the big "believe in something" answer is that you have to believe in yourself.
There-in lay the seeds of a life that ends with a smile.

k... time to work. :D seeya

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