Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Edward continues to cry in small bursts... because we're not letting him up for another snack... sigh
Geo is awake in sympathy... double sigh
(Edward will be fine... )
Edward is in several different hop scotch positions on a new "mulitple" on my screen... waiting for me to have some time...
BeatrIX Linux... the tiny weeny distro (180 megs... fits on a usb key!... live cd.) is installing on that lap top... third distro this weekend...
twelve shirts, wrinkly and on hangers are drapped over a chair in the family room...
The iron is heating up... and the tv to go with... :)
Fresh coffee...
oh... and do you hear that?
In the time it's taken to type this... he's faded to sleep ... I think.
School tomorrow.

Later... an iron is calling me.

("an iron" sounds stupid...)

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