Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

(ooops) Monday, September 5

~ oh man... I am going to be such a lined-face kinda old guy... :) Check out my grin-lines... :D

It's a holiday... (d'uh). It's blue sky from here to forever and theres a cool nip in the air from last night... but that will burn away as the day really settles in. :)
(Yes, I know... it's 11:30 and I'm still talking about the "day kicking in"... sue me. ;)

~ pj pants and something (a t) from the gap
~ shower... shave... and maybe get the kids to moms house while z and I drive a few neighborhoods... are we house hunting? Or are we "lot" hunting... hmmm...
~ other than that... no freaking plans for the day at all... :)
~ desperately that I had not missed the Futureshop sale on SMC wireless-g routers... after the mail-in, it was 9.99... dude... $9.99!!! grrrrrr! ah well... someday.
~ that my very distant african queen... teaser manages to shake a little of the bug ... Feel better sugar... :)
~ to just smile a bit about where a friend, ladyfire is today... and where she was... a year or two ago...
~ I could speak russian...

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday Holly... justholly and I hope you got yourself a great computer. :) May the year keep you safe and warm. :D

Life is wonderful.
Sadly... some think way too many undeserving people have it.

God is great.
Or... so she would have you believe, and tell other people.

I wonder how many of those wonderful lives will vanish in her name...
... with the unprecedented sale of hand guns going on in Louisiana.

Smile... somebody loves you.

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