Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ making headway on the bits and pieces for the lulu project*... It's definitely a fill-in gig... taking the time between things.

~ Saturdays are nice... getting unplugged and doing job jar stuff, errands or goofing around with the boys... and ending with a date night or mindless (or mindful... depends) television.

~ Edward is sleeping comfy in his new room. The other bedroom has been a "lego room" since the boys moved together (when Ed - the younger - went from crib to bed, they moved in together. :D) We cleaned up nail pops and screw holes with putty, sanding and painting - miss busy did most of this :D - and now his room is quite nice looking. :) Must get some pics together.

~ So remember the kitchen renovation thing? ... it turned into several renovations and then turned into lets buy, build or something a new house. So this plan lurks... Meanwhile we have to get our house presentable... and a campaign of de-cluttering begins. There is a little voice whispering... suckka... like maybe this was her maniacal plan all along... ar ar ar... Ok, just kidding.

~ geek; I think I'm going to set the laptop back to ubuntu ( and ditch vector. (the screen res help thing worked... thanks vaun... :D)

~ canadian aid to n.o.... heartening.

~ bedtime must be coming. :)

* lulu project: is a on demand printing web site and I'm sorting the picture journal of our family trip to PEI last year into a book.

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