Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Midday ramblings... (the rest)

~ Rocketboom... [ :: rocketboom video blog :: ]
and a BusinessWeek Online story [ :: about rocketboom :: ]
Still making me smile...

~ I need something sweet and utterly not-good-for-me... wait... ok, so no, not an underage hooker ... I mean a candy bar. hmm... I'm thinking it's a toss between a Mr. Big and a Sweet Marie... what?

~ Shakira continues to be one of my fav voices...

~ I have to wonder about people that slag on Gwen Stephani... I remember being hot for their ska flavour of music when No Doubt was jonsing for a first-magazine cover. Since the very beginning she has played the game the industry thrives on and yet she has continued to make great and thoughtful digs at that very game. The first magazine cover... the song she wrote to point out how weird it was and the video to go with it!!! ... right up to the songs making the hit list now... are - to my ear - irony living large and by design. Whatever though... she's got arguably the most recognizable face in music right now and she's living the dream of super stardom. She's kinda earned the whole diva thing... and if you've ever seen her in concert... you know how hard she works when it's time to entertain paying fans. Gwen rocks...

~ US Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins: "What we don't need is continued rhetoric to raise the emotional issues." BWAAHAHAHAHAHA... SHUT UP you fricking absolute moron. What we need is for the US to pay it's fucking penalty as demanded by the courts and to shut the hell up and quit complaining that the universe is not bending in on itself to suck american cock this time.
Personally... I say trade war and it's about bloody time. Loser.
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