Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

long day...
... long evening.

The boys each were awarded their "next" swimming badges today... Geo got his 6 and Edward got his 2. It was a journey to get to this stage with Ed. :)
We are well pleased.

To celebrate, we went out to dinner...
So... "it'll be an hour sir... (and I like your strong-bad t-shirt... )"
It turns out to be... about 20 mins.
We sit down... and down sits two ottawa senators and their girls... guys with ... big features and girls with big ... jewels.
When they finished their food... kiddies started coming over for autogaphs.

Home rather late...
Reading with the boys... and early to bed (although... they still fall asleep at the same late time) for the boys.
Geo's soccer tourny is tomorrow... up and at the field for 8:45. sigh. Long long day ahead.
He's a bit nervous...


time to mess with pics for lulu...

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