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Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!


Where in... Beau's head starts to suddenly look a whole lot like Alien dude hiding on the shuttle that Ripley escaped on... It's eviction night – or, if you take Julie into account, it's Prom Night, and Beau asks for some Howie ass, April shows off hers (no frills this time) but they're all outdone by Janelle who, resplendent in her eleven square inches of fabric, clearly dressed for the occasion.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
"Hi, I'm Julie Chen... my prom date is a bit late, so I've a few minutes to try and be a real journalist...but first... tell me... do you like my dress? Can you see my panties through it? What about in the light? Do you think I could dance to Duran Duran in this?" Gah... somebody fire Julie's wardrobe slave...
We kick off tonight's show staring at Julie's dress... but then we're right down to business as Beau uses his temporary Ho powers to get Howie to flash his ass... although we can rest assured that Howie would prol'y never refuse to pull his pants down... that's not the point. Beau is nothing but a trick and a ho. He wants Howie willy, but Howie wants the "friendship" to swear on a bible that he's not going home before he does the waggle dance. Maggie is having none of that... but she does try to get all "thinking" on Howie with some rot about how he wouldn't have said whatever unless he knew how James was voting. Maggie... wants to have James' babies... Then it's time to stare at April's ass as she posses it in the hot-tub... fortunately, she's not in granny panty frills this time. All of sudden... the friendship learns how to count to four and they realize they are in a bit of a bind... or does Maggie just want to have James' babies?
It's eviction time... so Julie does the Ho interview. Beau can't actually speak very well... but he does look remarkably like the Alien in the first movie when it was hiding in the shuttle...

The we switch over to the marvel that is the mess in the room that Janelle lives in. Amazing. Julie tortures us with the sister, parents, friends, interviews to see if we maybe have any feelings at all for Rachel and Howie... and then she lets them have their "good bye" speeches and it's finally vote time. Ever the masters of the forgone conclusion, they unanimously kick Rachel and her horsey mouth to the loser lounge to sit with the prom queen and cry over goodbye messages. Julie saves Ivette's diss for last and it's kinda nasty... leaving Rachel speechless, instead of the hoped for expression of anger. Yes sir... Julie's gonna be a real Journalist someday. The HoH game is blindfolded high low on the mini stairs... which ends up in a tie-breaker (don't they all?) between Janelle and April. Janelle and the hand-towel she's wrapped in lose so now we have to watch Cheerleader Barbie do the whole Shrine-To-Cappy thing. I threw up a bit in my mouth there... scuse me while I go rinse.

Most Memorable Moment
Um... well it's a bit crass... but April doing the "hey, I'm all bent over in a bikini in the hot tub... check out my ass" thing. She's got a real spanker there... :D

Alright... stay with me here...
April wins HoH, so she can't vote, but has to nominate. They all worry about James winning veto but we know James and Janelle are pretty well even on the capabilities side of things. April is waaay to much of a pussy to put up a Friendship pawn no matter how much sense it would make... so...

She puts up Howie and either James or Janelle.
Veto goes to either James or Janelle who will both be playing for sure.
So the veto winner takes the other one off and that leaves April to put up one of the friendship as a forced pawn. Lets just pretend it's Ivette for fun.
So now there's Maggie and Beua to vote for Howie and James and Janelle to vote for Ivette.
That's two to two... So April has to cast the tie breaker... and Howie goes.
Either way... James is still here next week. (as long as either James or Janelle wins Veto).

The winner...
Dude... it's James.

Two Things...
~ The net is ripe with pictures of Janelle lately... either cheesecake shots from some valentine-shoot or panty caps from in the BB house. Of course, her hardly there dress from Thursday is just adding to that fire. :D
~ Fricking Maggie... shut up already. Just shut up!!!

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