Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 25

ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG! (Hi kitiara... :D) and sadtomato... it's not a sex toy... really!

er... cough... just a little visit from Mr. Blue.

I struggled out of bed today... fell over backwards and then struggled out of bed again a half hour later... I'm still a bit grogged but apparently, showering, and driving to work... tends to help wake you up. I went and said I'd be done a draft of my current deliverable by the end of tomorrow... so now I'm all Mr. Busy. Stupid stupid stupid... I really need to learn to shut up. hahaha... ;D Ah well... I suspect I will, in fact, be done a draft tomorrow so... whatever. :D

It's another crazy beautiful day... I mean... it's really unbelievable. It is a perfect way to end the summer for the boys... they're both in swimming lessons at an outdoor pool... they're doing great and will both earn new badges and ... great weather is a big plus. Of course, I'm in cube land... so what do I care... sigh.

Last night: I tried to watch Chronicals of Riddick. ye-gods... what a load of crap... I mean, I'm not done... it's another fricking 20 mile long movie... and I will watch the rest... but only ONLY because I enjoy the special effects. Everybody in the movie blows. Well... Ok, the girl that plays Kara... not bad at her role but still... her role is retarded*.

Other than that... I spent ooodles of time pouring over the formatting of the text for my first lulu book and ... the painful realization that I have to re-manipulate all the photographs I will be using to get them up from 72 to 300 dpi. sigh... lots of pictures... (thanks for your feedback last night guys... :D :D it was a really big help)

~ red stripped ftls... but their getting way long in the tooth... and I have to get rid of them before they become a cliche. :)
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and a light beige dress shirt.
~ work work work... sigh.
~ beans for lunch... hahaha... er... never mind
~ an afternoon with my face buried in a visio diagram...
~ last regular season game (geo soccer) tonight... :)
~ finish Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight... :D
~ re-do a bunch of pictures for the book
~ watch BB kick Rachel out tonight...
~ to send a little shout out to uniclycommon and not make a crack about the position she wants to play. :D :D
~ that my friend (forever) no... finds the zone ... !!
~ to congratulate debby on the NEW CAR... excited much?

You should maybe go and visit this post [ :: here :: ]. A young woman I don't know is doing something good... something worth knowing about and maybe participating in. S'up to you ... but it's definitely worth a the feel-good-vibe you get from reading it.

Alrighti then... Dear CBC: Please settle your dispute with your staff. It has been rather long enough. Now I want this strike to be over. Stop inconveniencing me with your problems... thank you very much.

If you lived forever but never had the time to love anyone... ?
Well ... you make your choices and that's that.
However... life is precious,
Having it at the expense of living,
Is like being a parent and not playing with your kids.


* retarded: you will not have noticed but still... that is the first time I have said retarded in my journal. I wish to point out that while I will say fag, cunt, and actually refer to people of colour as black... I tend never to use words reserved for the description of real human misfortunes... lightly. So, if you happen to be retarded, please forgive my use of the term... BUT her role in the movie was limited in intellectual or emotional development.
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