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Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

The Couch Whisperers

Where in... the short reign of the angry ho comes to an end. With much name calling and a very loud Howie, she gets through noms, veto game, veto meeting, and a little live voting. Then we're all out back again to watch them pick a new hoh for the week. Meanwhile James runs around listening at doors and trying not to laugh.

Loser say what?
(aka “The show in as few words as possible”)
The sponge-bob-angry-pants crew... aka the Jedi's, are making for some very good viewing entertainment but, sadly... the nazi party is playing a winning game. Maggot and her henchwomen, April, Jennifer, Ivette and Beau give James the dagger-eyes for going to look at Janelle’s Ho Chamber... which comes complete with a picture of a stupid little pom-dog. This all takes a back seat to the Howie train rolling through "Bustoville" ... he's yelling and verbally abusing April and Jen right up until Rachel tells him to "shut the fuck up" and lets him know he's doing more damage than good. Seeing as they (the Jedi's) currently have HoH... Rachel is way right. They go for Veto which has everyone trying to shoot pucks into cut-out-mouths on giant house guest posters. They all suck... except Janelle... and the air thickens with irony. She gets the power of Veto and decides to blow-Maggie’s-mind-huge!!! by replacing her with Ivette on the nomination block. This was to ensure that James - the walking swing vote - votes for Jennifer. He's had a nasty hard-on for Maggot since the day she let him think she was a cop. So getting Mags off the block and putting The Mouth (Ivette) up with Jen, basically guarantee’s Jennifer’s ouster. This goes according to plan - with many laughs watching the "friendship" vote for Jennifer!! - and it's a quick jump over to another HoH game. It's house-trivia time in a game that you do best at by saying nothing until the final rounds... So Howie's out in heartbeat... April is doing a little happy dance when Rachel joins Howie at the sidelines. It comes down to James versus Beau in a showdown. The result? The wet panty fulfilling the BB requirement for a gay black guy is now the head girl. I'm guessing there'll be a lovely framed picture of a carrot for Beau when he gets to his room.

Fav Quote
"I am the best looking guy in this house and I'm the star of this show!! No one talks to him that way!!" Yee gods Howie... Perhaps you were taking the wrong sort of steroids before you came on this show??

"I choose to evict... ooops, to nominate... Ivette!" To everyone who has said "Janelle is just acting dumb..." please accept my sincere compliments. She is sooooo freaking good at her craft.

Most Memorable Moment
Absolutely... when Janelle pulls Maggie off the block and Maggie looks like she's having a bit of a seizure over it... hahaha... SMACK!

Excellent move!!! Janelle, removing Maggie and putting Ivette up instead.!! You know that the "friendship" looks more cerebral but that's because you're comparing them to Howie... running around yelling all the time. But the fact seems to be that the Friendship is remarkably stupid ... stubborn but not altogether smart. Meanwhile the Jedi's... noisy and crude and slutty... keep pulling smart moves out Janelle's ass. (had to bring her ass into this... after she did that "pull up her jeans and wiggle before winning the hockey game thing). :D

The winner…
James!!! Geezus... how is that he is still there?

Two Things...
~ How... how does Howie manage to wear little black shorts and nothing else all the time... dudes locked in a house with these girls for weeks on end with no ... privacy... You'd think he would be the wondering wood.... at the very least, the morning wood dilemna.
~ Rachel... halter top... HoH game... mighty lopsided girl eh... ? :D

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