Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 21

(always watching.... hahaha)

Yesterday... a day filled with chores and waiting for rain. The chores got done, but the rain ... seemed to sneak away.
I watched some of Aliens yesterday... that was some kinda "long time ago" movie...

We had a nice big family dinner at my folks house... and the evening slid into the deep night with reading, coffee, and tv...

A good day...

Today is all about sunshine and puffy clouds...

~ teal ftls... "teal" bwaahahah... ok, sorry... blue.
~ swish-swish shorts... (noisy pants day)
~ b.u.m. gray t.
~ wake up... and clean a bathroom... no really clean it... ug.
~ get the kids dressed and playing and then take a big bucket of "relax" and drink it down.
~ write about BB later...
~ walmart? yes... sad but true... wallyland on a sunday... not baskets of fun.
~ Ed has soccer tonight... 6 - 8 ... makes for a long sunday evening.
~ tonight? watch Chronicles of Riddick or The Aviator.
~ that nbbmom spends her day smiling like a school girl...
~ and that all is well in the land of post-loaded macdatty :D

But most of all ... I wish I could plug a firewire cable into my head and download your journal entries direct...

Birthday... :D
Happy Birthday compwizrd... you've been a good friend and I appreciate your willingness to offer up worthwhile, and witty advice. I hope the next year brings you happiness and keeps you in the best of health...

Typically... I have a default view of my friends list that includes ... everybody, except the communities. On a sunday morning I load up six "35 entry" pages, which gets me back to saturday afternoon... I skim through them... reading short entries and clicking on the "comment" button on long ones I want to read later... So now, I have like twenty five browser windows stacked up ... and it's time to make lunch for the boys. We'll see what I get to read . :D

Have a wonderful Sunday.

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