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Ok, so we rented ... ooops... back up ... I rented two movies this weekend... Armageddon and X-men (gotta love the DVD!!!). Z's first comment was "hmmmm... great... enjoy em". I pointed out that I watched "Autumn in New York" or whatever the heck that drivel was called (Richard Gere, Wynona...) so she could at least give X-men a chance....

Well... well .... well... You know that whole "Friends" (TV show) inspired List thing? As in ... the list of names of famous people that if they showed up on your front step saying "take me... take me now" the likelihood is that you not fricking hesitate... regardless of your marital status... Well the boi that plays Wolverine... made Z's list in a heart beat. She said she rather enjoyed the movie... perhaps it's because her expectations were soooo low that it wasn't hard to top them... But Logan (Wolverine) really got her motor running...

So,... (and talk about yer segue...) who's on your list? My list is incomplete... for sure Chalize Theron is on mine along with Shirley Manson ... but I'd have to think for a bit ... hmmm... Ashley Judd!

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