Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 18

As I type... my server is down. Down? Or at least ... the web server is down. but the whole thing is proly down...
I had better find a log that says it's down because of my ISP... I'm getting way to sick and tired of problems with my shit.
If you can see the picture... sites up. DNS issues... on my server... grrrr!!!!

ok spin spin spin... lets go of the server thing for the day.

It was c-c-c-c-cold last night!!! no really. It was lovely.
I woke up to a chilly kitchen. Again... lovely. I miss the brrrr zone.

People talk about eating 'funnel cake'. What is that?

~ black ftls
~ dk gray dress pants... which, apparently, I fit into again... however, I'm feeling like I "almost" fit into them... grrr..
~ three tone (bl, gr, beige) dress shirt and a really very nice tie. :)
~ clean off desk at work...
~ sort out and clean up files in my file rack...
~ can you tell I'm procrastinating? It's like university all over again. Exams next week? Well this looks like it needs cleaning...
~ diving deeper into phase III deliverable.
~ home... quick dinner... soccer game at 6:30. go geo go! :)
~ somehow... someway... press POP3 into working order... (fucking thing) and and and and... I dunno... I am almost ready to go back to sendmail.
~ watch BB6 tonight... I have high hopes that they'll show some of the big fight scenes. :)
~to send some support out to costello1177 and her parters sister... may there be peace and tranquility in the lives of those you love.
~ congratulations to sadtomato... just because there's so much less of her. :)
~ for the gods of food wisdom smile upon nbbmom and the nbb... :D

So tell me... how do you compete with total commitment? Two mad bombers and their cars decide to do some of their insane gods work in Iraq... Toon number one blows up his car and takes out a bunch of people on the street... Moms, Dads, kids... and then there's all the "only injured" people. So Toon number two piles a bunch of the injured into his car to "drive them to the hospital". He does... and when he gets to the hospital... HE BLOWS UP HIS CAR. Personally, this is a new height to which the evil crazy fucking psycho bastards bar has risen. Forty five dead and eighty five injured ... yesterday alone. And everybody keeps saying "oh, no... if we pull American troops out now... it'll be terrible in Iraq." CLUE: Already there guys. Support American Service Men and Women... by bringing them home.

Israeli troops... surround Israeli citizens... who refuse to leave their synagogue in territory that the Israeli government has decided to give back to the Palestinians (hence, all the jews on that land have to get out... walk away from your homes... and be "relocated".) Seems a few of them are not so keen on leaving. Now lets look at that for a moment. "Leaving" means... moving out of a house that is build on a compound surrounded by troops from your team facing troops from the other guys team because your compound in situated in the middle of territory claimed by the ... other team. You have to go through automatic weapon checkpoints to buy a bag of milk. But you don't want to leave... you don't care that this is part of some grand plan to reduce the number of machine guns that get shoved in your kids faces as they grow up. In fact... the situation has already claimed lives... because the "don't wanna move" crew has supporters, etc. that think killen is a good idea at this juncture.
Let me repeat myself... Israel... Palestine... What a bunch of pathetic ass wipes. If you all vanished tomorrow... exactly why would anyone care???
My personal preference would be for the GLOBAL NEWS MEDIA SERVICES to totally ignore Israel and Palestine for two years. Consider it a test. After two years... if you're getting all kinds of mail from "the world" asking "hey... I sure wish I knew more about how things are going in Israel and Palestine" ... then fine... report on them again.
What do you say? deal?

So apparently Brittney Spears has asked her doc to arrange for her to have C at eight months... to avoid stretch marks. Cunt.

k... off to work. see ya.
Share a smile today... dare ya. :)

what is funnel cake?

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