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Email Hell
: Act 3

So I have postfix working... apparently.
Then ... blink blink... it's pointed out that I need a pop3 server to go along with postfix.
So I'm all over cyrus... until I realize that dovecot is installed on my server... just not active.

Ok... "just not active" ... I wish.
"Just not working" would be more accurate.

/var/log/maillog shows my account logging in when I try to get mail... but I get no mail.

There is mail there... it's just not being given over to the remote login from my desktop Outlook login.

I have a fairly standard dovecot config... I elect to "protocols" only pop3 and pop3s and the interfaces are all (i.e.) "#pop3_listen = *"

More over, when I had sendmail running... I used the "relay_domains" list in /etc/mail to list six other domains I relayed for... (friends nets...)
Where do those go in Postfix? (as additional networks in $mynetwork ??? Can I use Hostnames there?

(and then he crosses his fingers and hopes the gods of email are in a journal reading mood tonight...)
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