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Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Let's All Trust Jennifer

Where in... the exact cost of Kaysar letting Jen win the HoH arrives at Kaysars feet... a wee bit like a cannon ball. James... the Lone Wolf (I'm thinking Lavern and Shirley here) is being impressive with his never ending load... and if you look closely, you can see the entire house vibrating with the anticipation of a blow up...

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Well the dumb actually get dumber and the sneaky... are comming out of the closet tonight. It starts with a bunch of review of what lead up to Rachel and Janelle being nominated... and you can just feel Kaysar vibrating with anger. Jennifer totally backed out of her deal to put Maggot up and "another one from her team" hahaha – like she'd do that? Dude...? Everybody is doing the pee-pee dance trying to talk to Jennifer but none more than James who takes the time to try and shine... Mr. Lessons Learned... Mr. Sweetness and Light... geezus guys, James is one sneaky little guy and I am totally handing him the cup for his performance with Jen and with Ivette. He has Ivette trying to keep him in the game and while Jen let him talk... she is not too quick on the re-trust thing. Meanwhile, Kaysar is back to using "War" metaphors and that FBI hat is kinda like a weird joke. Howie stuns the world with his hairless body and black Speedo, which the girls get him to wear – beau manages to get his little sweaty hands in there too and presto... big Howie ears a "Howie looks as good as you can in a Speedo" from the Lying Dirt April. It's time for the veto game and the orchestra is all tuned up. They play the "James can't play with us" sonata, and it ends with Rachel winning the power. En route to this... we watch Howie NOT win the game (it was basically a larger version of the coaster-toss game they've been playing in the house all season) and Kaysar actually TOSSES one of his turns intentionally. But the game moderator never mentioned the rule about what happens in the case of a tie... only that if there is no winner, there will be no Veto, and with Rachel on the board, the rest of them could afford to watch while Jennifer puts James up. That was, after all, the plan that everyone has been promising up and down about for two weeks. So... Rachel saves herself... and Jennifer puts Kaysar up. Bwaahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Fav Quote
"Swear on ma life..."
"My group will understand completely..."
"I'm completely honest in this game..."
"Things in this house change on a dime."
"... and he should have kept his finger on that button!"
You know you just wanna slap that bitch... haha... but deep down I'm proud of her. I despise the "Friendship" and vastly prefer the underdogs ... and that's mostly because Beau blows chunks ( literally, but we wont see that...), Ivette is a mouth, and April is a steaming pile of dog poooooh... however I can't fault someone for playing the game nasty... and Jen reached the height of nasty-ass in this game so far with tonight's nomination of Kaysar.!!! Wow.

Most Memorable Moment
Rachel has one hulluva great laugh... did you hear her when Howie came out in the Speedo? I mean, that's not the MMM but still ... helluva laugh. :D
No, the most memorable moment was the look of total shock and awe on James's face when he was not put up to replace Rachel at the Veto ceremony.

Dude... she's right... Kaysar is a powerful enemy in the game and James? James is just loser James...
When Jennifer is thinking of putting Kay up for nom, she only talks to one team member at a time and doesn't reveal anything... um... what's she doing with that brain and where did it come from?

Darwin's Dessert
Kaysar takes the big-stooooopid prize for not trying to win the Veto game. Jen fries his ass in the nominations... revealing herself to be a lying skank muffin, yet he what? Trusts her to put up James after the veto? Dude... your daddy is not proud at this moment!!

The winner...
James!!! Hahaha... :D

Two Things...
~ the live feeds from the time after the veto thing ... reported one outstanding, gloves off, balls out, flip out, fight in the house. Basically, we have Howie brawling with Jennifer, Janelle fighting with Beau (all verbal here...) and Kaysar quietly fuming like a Sudbury Nickel Smoke Stack!!! PPPPPlease play some of the fight scenes on Thursday.
~ James, getting Sarah's Coaster-Face from the game... hahaha... it's on his pillow.

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