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here wer go...

toes tapping... fresh coffee on my desk (hehe - in a cup!), still got a little tickle in my throat (but tough), the sun is shining and it is looking like it's gonna be a fantastic week. Get my performance review this week... (thursday) :D

~ bit over the top - but heck it's a monday! - dark grey dress pants
~ brushed silk, colarless shirt (yes... it's the nipple popper - my nipps just turn to bullets when I put this shirt on and they stay that way all day...)
~ the shine on the rockports from that party Z and I went to is still looken good!
~ to go a buy a cam at lunch!!!! I'm gonna have to buy the 3com "lite" for purely financial reasons...
~ get time sheet stuff started... (ug X 5)
~ that I was stepping off a plane in cali to go and meet my homie Kristy so I could tell her fact to face what an increadable woman she is... :D
~ that I could zip to Boston and hold the hand of a beautiful woman while she gets a phone call from far, far away.
~ the best for my pallaini- all the way over in england - as she starts a new week of fighting an evil bitch (cancer)... you are gonna win baby...
~ I could go to Virginia and just cuddle that cute cute cute little zoe... hahaha she is such a darling little baby. Jane... you are wonderful for posting the pics.

Later Lj...

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