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So , yeah, remember how smarty pants I was feeling yesterday before I zooooomed home to get Suz's car to the shop?

when will I ever learn...

the rule is this... "if you bring your car to a mechanic... even if it's to deliver a cup of coffee... you will become poor."

The noise from the exhaust... that seemed to start last year, right after they replaced the muffler...
the noise we've brought the car in to the shop four times for...
the noise we asked them to "please take the car out and DRIVE IT" about?
the noise they never drove it to listen...
the noise they removed two heat shields last week to solve (did nothing)...
(heat shields? what is this... the shuttle?)

yeah... that noise. I went yesterday and grabbed a mechanic, put him in the passenger seat and went for a drive.
ten seconds into the drive... he says "you're rear wheel bearing is shot."

absolutely nothing to do with the exhaust...
and while they never bothered to find it... it's still not related to the muffler...
so it's gonna be my dine to sort it out.
actually it's going to be a lot of my dimes.

Flippen cars.

any ways... that's only marginally relevant.
The real deal is that... I'm done for the day
and now I get to go home.
happy feet rule baby.

See ya tonight.

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