Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


k... watching a few minutes of BB6 live feeds (thank you sugar... :D)
... and dude... no spoilers but holy fricking crap.

I'm saying nadda about the "holy moly" stuff... but just now;

Jennifer saying "The DR had the audacity to ask me... " Fish-cam.
comes back from fish to her trashing BB in a chair out back to someone.
"This is the worst reality show ever...."

No really... it became unbelievably personal and evil today. bwaahahahaha...

I'm listening to Janelle talk out loud ... to others... about how Beau is a "horrible
fucking slut that fucks old men for money" (k, she's a little bit angry now...)

I wonder how much of this will end on television... wowza.

(edit: watching beau wallow in self loathing and pity is like... christmas)

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