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Man I already feel stupid...
Dinner tonight was at my sister in-law's house for a multi niece and nephew birthday extravaganza... the gaggle of girls that are my bro-in-law's kids faithfully watch the TV show POPSTARS. Being a really big fan of the only album by the band Bardot (the band that came out of the Australian version of Popstars) I have been maintaining a passing interest ... Tonight we watched - to the peals of outrage from my nieces - as the producers of the show elected to name the Popstars band "SugarJones" ... a totally stupid name.

Now, I expect a reasonable amount of ribbing for this but what the heck...

Ps. This weekend rawked in many ways...I didn't do some things I would have liked to (wink) but I sure as hell had a lot of fun with Z the boiz. They (the boiz) are sleeping the sleep of very-weary. But alas... here comes Monday.

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