Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

so... the Sendmail problem...

or should I perhaps say... the BLOODY FUCKING SENDMAIL PROBLEM.

See the real problem is that I hate using a server based mail product... I'd rather just use gmail and stick with that.
a pox on thinking I actually need to save email... ever...

but that's not gonna wash. I have dozens of friends and family that rely on my sendmail server running... and they connect to thier email addresses with outlook and outlook express... sigh.

So let me put some questions out there...

a) when I run the test on sendmail on my server it comes back with my hostname but none of my domain data... grrrrrrr... is that because sendmail is fucked up or because my domain name is not properly set? I mean... it's in hosts, and in resolv.conf... (my server is running BIND - and that seems to be working fine...)

b) can I just STOP using sendmail... uninstall the rpm and use something else? a friend mentioned... qmal, postfix and exim. Are those likely replacements for a sendmail server? and - the big question - are they any easier to use and manage?

I need to get my server mail back up!! :(
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