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Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Do The Snake!

Where in... the gay guy gets looped and acts the fool... surprise surprise. Oh and booty shaker girl, gives peeler lessons to Rigid Rachel, sheds some crocodile tears, and makes all kinds of game-time promises (aka honking bullshit) to gets Kaysar to hand over the power.

Loser say what?
(aka “The show in as few words as possible”)
Button button, who's got the button... all of them, actually, but then they start goofing around and the fingers come off. First off is Beau and he opens the secret prize box to find a mini cocktail bar... so he gets hammered. He can't leave till two more peeps drop out, so he's drunk, obnoxious, and doing the pee-pee dance, in all of their faces... and slapping Kaysars ass. Janelle's box has a 42" plasma... tv... what? James gets pizza, Miss Simple (April) gets a fist full of dollars (3K) and Maggie? a box of rotten eggs... maybe she can worship those for a while. In the end, we've been treated to a segue of Jenn doing her work-out-wear cheerleader booty dance, trying to teach same to Rachel... who dances a bit like a piece of wood, and we get to watch her fend off against Kaysar as the last two standing. It's dawn man... 12 hours + with your finger on a button. So, after Jen did this fabulous crying thing that ended like she was flicking a light switch - and then she smiled to herself - and after Jen makes all manner of promises ("do you swear on your life?") to Kaysar... he fucking opts to let her win. Hey Monkey Boy, we didn't all vote your ass back into the house so you could piss it away! grrrrrr... Now Jen is head chick, gets to cry about pictures, and - of course - continue to hold their little "friendship" meetings on... the friendship bed. So, she promised to put up Maggie and (AND! hahahaha) another person from "her team" so that they can win veto and put James up... Kaysar actually figures she'll live up to any of it and he is warmly rewarded for his dolt-ishness by her putting Janelle and Rachel up. Now watch for James to win Veto!! (bwaahaha)

Fav Quote
"Do you swear on your life?" (Kaysar to Jen)... dude??? Is anyone gonna learn from the past?

Most Memorable Moment
Well, handily it would be Jen doing her booty dance and trying to do the snake thing teaching Rachel... and Howie, off screen, emitting an audible "moan"!!!!

So Kaysar, and Howie have two votes... Rachel and Janelle cant vote, or the HoH. That leaves "the friendship - 5 votes" and James on the fence. Kaysar fucked himself by letting go ... or at least, by trusting Jennifer.

The winner…
Geezus... Mush brain April? gah!!!

Two Things...
~ the round table is looking mighty big... I bet they shrink it after the next eviction ... or even on Tuesday. :D
~ So... Beau, tanked, in the HoH challenge room... What an immensely useless excuse for a human.

(.ps. I missed the first 13 minutes of the show... something about Beau and taking a pee... what's that about?)

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