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Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Welcome Home: Now Blow Up The House.

Where in... we are tortured with the wait to see who comes back into the house. They kick someone out, pick a new boss – sorta – and they let someone back in. Busy night... Good thing Julie wore her bathing suit.

Loser say what?
(aka “The show in as few words as possible”)
Hi I’m Julie and this vast canvas is actually the top of my chest... Ivette is flippen April the bird – as should they all but sadly, so few do – and snuggling with Mr. Squeaky-Cheeks (beau) as she worries that the Pawn will fry!! The editors keep showing us Howie, et. al. talking about Ivette going, so we can instantly assume Sarah will be going. Everybody’s talking smack in front of everyone else so when you hear April say “I assume Jennifer is not telling Maggie...” you just know Jen is somewhere telling Maggie whatever it is she’s not supposed to be telling Maggie. Julie tries to put James on the spot, then tries to put Jennifer on the spot and then tries to put Howie on the spot... and fails every time. She needs to stop that. Maggie is all up on worrying that people are not being “true to their words” in the game. Then I threw up on the coffee table. Stupid cow. For some real fun, Julie asks Beau a question and we get a nice reminder that he is, in fact, only a mannequin with a pull string. Enough with the gay black guys... mmmmk? Sarah and Ivette both take about six years to finish their “don’t vote me off” speeches then by a vote of six to one Sarah, you’re ass is grass. Six to ONE! They all voted to fry her!!! Gah! Julie made her cry and then we get to watch Howie ask Kaysar to come back so he can think for him????? WTF. I don’t get Howie because he’s sooooo amazingly dumb yet he remains so diplomatic and considered – bit of an enigma, that boy. Ivette pleads for her stupid fucking Cappy just enough to ensure we all think she’s totally fricking nutz, then after making like Eric or Michael ever actually had a chance, Kaysar and his 82% of the votes, comes back in the house. Ever notice that he’s a good foot and a half taller than Jennifer? Oh, and April scratches someone... claws in girl!! They want to pick a new HoH but it’s one of those endurance games... press the button and hold it... last one pressing their button is in. Get your hands outta your pants Ivette.

Fav Quote
Eric: “I’m a man of intensity and excitement.” Bwaahahaha… you left out short, bald, pig headed, and prone to violence there sparky.

“If Kaysar can come back and think for me… that’d be great.” As it is Howie, you’re using little-elvis for all your thinking...

Most Memorable Moment
Ivette and Beau on a cot, consoling her as she assumes the whole world is out to get her... and goes so far as to flip April – her team mate - the bird. That translates to “Fuck off”. Nice.

Darwin’s Dessert
Why didn’t you evict Ivette????????? Ahhhhhhhh!

The winner…
Man… I have no idea. This is anybodies game. The “under the wire” winner would be Jenn, the “player” winner would be Kaysar, and the “hater” would be for April to win. Sigh... it’s a total crap shoot.

Two things...
~ so the “someone is going out of the house on a reward trip” must be coming up. I wonder what they’ll do?
~ Eric is gonna be some embarrassed when he sees the tapes of Ivette and Maggie worshiping him.

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