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Cape Cod Vacation

This is a vacation journal of our Family Vacation to Cape Cod.
There are thumbnails below each day.

Day One, Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Up and out at 9:20 with three bikes on a rack, one in the trunk, and a car topper loaded for bear.
Our plan? Drive to Montreal, eat... drive to Burlington, Vermont and relax at a hotel for the evening and night... swim and maybe take a boat cruise.

Our reality? Drive to a McD's before Montreal, make our way to Burlington and watch vast quantities of rain fall. I mean... it's been a heat wave for weeks, and today? brrr. Did I mention there's an outdoor pool at the hotel?

No worries, actually... because... I'm not at work and there are restaurants across Vermont, Mass and New Hampshire that are waiting for me.

Well now... it's like a curse man... if I don't have my camera on me... it's pretty well a done deal that there will be a killa rainbow. sigh.

We took off in our vacation mobile to try and navigate Burlington... and to find a place for dinner. Geez did we ever luck out... of course, not until we'd spent a while staring at a car wreck, being lost on one-way-streets and searching aimlessly for a parking spot.

A Thai place called Pannia that featured a jazz band... serious good sounds and some very authentic Thai curries. Halfway through a set by the band, Ed pipes up with "This sounds like The Party" (Peter Sellers movie, 1960's music) The trombone player... was talking with us between sets. He and his wife run a B&B... and invite us to visit...
Of course, after dinner we found a Starbucks and a place called "Lake Champlain Chocolates". (this is where you need to say ..."Oh my god... those truffles... Is that fudge?" ar ar ar...
K... and here we are... ready for bed. :D
See ya. :D

Day Two, Thursday, July 28

Ok... Comfort-Inn... lovely, free internet, breakfast, etc... but that fricking bed was so damn soft I thought perhaps I would never be able to stand erect again... and stop that... goof!

So, up and creakily at'em. We packed ourselves up and went to down-town Burlington... There was like fifteen minutes of nature at the waterfront and then two hours of shopping... fortunately, this includes several shots at Starbucks. The last weekend in July is... (hold your breath) sidewalk sale weekend. We bought a print of something... it's quite nice. :)

The road from Burlington to Peabody... gorgeous scenery... although we stopped in Montpelier (capital of Vermont - and of this fact, there could not possibly be any doubt... holy flag city! The "state building" was ... unbelievable. It was more impressive than Canada's Parliament buildings. We ate at Juan's... it was spicy... remember that Thai dinner last night? Apparently I hate my ass. Back on the road after devastating the men's room at Juan's, and we made great time... avoided two speed traps, and marveled at the American highway system. No seriously... we were cruising highway 89. Every so often there's a "visitors center" with free maps, free coffee and an actual employee, not to mention a helpful-employee. This never happens in Canada. Rest areas have a smelly toilet and some picnic tables. Oh... and the highway mile markers... Dude!!! There is a highway mile marker every 0.2 miles. It's like... even Dora couldn't get lost here... "hmmm where am I... this looks familiar but ... oh I89, 12.6 miles from the Junction... cool... I mean, neato... like... um... er... where am I? Wait... wait, who ... Oh... I89, 12.4 miles form the junction... cool..." We had to get from the I89 over to Peabody and this required us to follow instructions that were almost raw humor, with round-about's, 3rd exits, humpty dumpty and drooling idiots... But we made it. :D We were on "Lowel Avenue" - the official connect between the I89 and the I95 - passing people watering their lawns and a school called "The Humpty Dumpty School" ("Ok kids, everybody up on the wall..." - I think maybe it's a presidential prep school?). Oh, and a big yellow sign that reads "Slow Children Crossing". We were crying with laughter... and clearly all going to hell.

The Mariotte Peabody is lovely... but... you know, it's in the middle of BFE and there's no net access in the lobby and if you want to connect a 'puter... dude, it's $3.95 for fifteen minutes or $10.00 for the day... holycheepratbastards. The little holes in the bottom on the car topper... let in quite a bit of water yesterday... sigh, so we had to empty things out and dry them all over our room. We didn't head out to dinner till 9:00 PM... (no really) and with all of Salem at our beck and call, we ended up in Wendy's. I had chili... (I know, I know) and now? After watching Family Guy (big mistake) with the kids in our room, it's time for sleeping. There was much swimming and much negotiating the traffic created by two all-star kid baseball teams (blue something's - Rutlige?, versus green something elses... 9-4) and all their collected parents (state champion all star baseball - holy crap do people take baseball a little bit serious around here?) I think the only thing worse than a mullet on a guy with a wife beater on... is the beaten wife with a freaking mullet. Girl Mullets are ridiculous.
Ok... bed time.

Day Three, Friday, July 29

K, so when you feel like you could just close your eyes and vanish at 11pm... you're having an active vacation... gah!
Today started out with a pill. An actual pill, with the word "protonix" on it... I've no idea what it is... and I'll google it when I find net access again, but for now, it's just the pill Edward held up and said "what's this?" He found it on the floor in our hotel room. So I brought it to the front desk and asked exactly what kind of crap this was... (actually, I was rather polite and honestly concerned). The result was the hotel ripping up our bill for the first of our two-nights stay.

The rest of today was all about Salem, Mass. The town is a) outrageously beautiful with gorgeous and "smacks of money" federal architecture and history and b) kitched out so badly you need a corkscrew to pull yourself out of the tourist traps. The best part of the visit to Salem (formerly Shalom!!) was the trolley ride with the lady narrating (great stories of the city and it's history) and the visit to The House Of Seven Gables (more history). What an amazing and colourful history for one city!! The stupidest part of the trip was the visit to a house of monsters and myths. However... ask Geo about the day and the monster house that scared the crap out of him...was the best part. There was a pirate tour, general witch hunting, ship touring, and lots - lots!! - of walking. It's a very 9 to 5 place so we were back at the hotel by 6 and at a restaurant called Bugabo Lodge by 7:00. Travel for two days and dive deeply into American history and end up eating dinner under a giant talking buffalo surrounded by Canada Kitch. Two hours of pool time with the boys after all that and now I'm a member of the walking-dead crew... time for sleeeep. Oh, and today was something of a milestone in the life-and-times-of-Ed. Tonight... he "got" swimming. We've had him in swim lessons, and he's been a veritable water rat for years... but always in a lifejacket and he's always thrown something I like to call "a red hairy flip out fit" when water got on his eyes... Well, tonight he just seemed to shed the problem like an old jacket. He was diving under, swimming out and swimming back and just having a righteous blast.

Tid Bit: Nails had to be imported in the 1600 and 1700's. You used wooden dowels to hold your house together. However, if you were wealthy, you would get nails... and you would hammer them through your front door making a diamond patter on the front of your door with the nail heads. This was, basically, showing off your wealth or an early kind of pathetic "bling". Of course, you didn't want some bastach to come along at night pry the nails out and run away, so you would hammer the tips over to render the nail "dead" and un-steal-able. Hence the phrase... "dead as a door nail".

Day Four, Saturday, July 30

Synopsis: pack pack pack... drive drive drive... unpack unpack unpack.

All four of us went to sleep at one in the morning last night... I don't think I mentioned that we booked a single king size bed in the hotel so, it was "family bed" time... sadly... another too-soft bed tormented my back. We all woke up at 9:30 and set about the run-up to breakfast. The movie "anchor man" was in it's twilight half hour and provided the backdrop for the boys and I as we waited for Suz to do her shower thing. Then it was a quick shower for me and the breakfast buffet with two little mop-head kids.

(Geo is still "growing out" his hair... ahhhh he looks hilarious in the morning... ).

The big deal at breakfast is stealing unopened little tiny bottles of jelly and honey. :D We packed up, check the room sixteen thousand times and then loaded the car for the final leg of our journey. Highway 93 took us through Boston with a breathtaking view of the skyline and then down into a tunnel that had me imagining three different action adventure movies... all of which included death, fire and general destruction in these big tunnels. :) A couple of "I have got to pee now" stops later and we were in Cape Cod. Traffic comes together to form a gridlock of people with cell phones strapped to their faces (dudes never heard of hands-free or what?). We crossed the Bourn bridge and after getting (literally) run off the road by a fire truck, managed to find out cottage in South Falmouth. Out our back yard is a road the runs three blocks directly to the Falmouth-Heights beach... ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. :D The cottage is quaint, clean, surrounded by these pale blue hydrangeas. We finally released the bikes from the harness and got ourselves moved in. A couple of air conditioners, some fans, and modern appliances... we're laughing. I called my mom and we headed out to a quick dinner and a night of reading touristy brochures and planning our week. The plans begin with tomorrow being a day of beachy-relaxing. Now it's all about praying for good weather and uninjured kids.

Memory Moment: Just before we left the hotel in Peabody, the kids talk me into taking them for a quick swim in the hotel pool. With five minutes left in the promised thirty for swimming, Geo stands on the edge of the pool and goes for a big jump... his foot slips on the why-the-hell-is-that-a-slippery-surface? edge of the pool and with his arms flailing and body twisting, manages to hit the water and only scrape his foot. I was with Edward, 30 feet away, and could only watch in horror as he almost smashed his head on the edge of the concrete pool... sweet mercy I was beside myself. gah!!!

Day Five, Sunday, July 31.

Again with the weird dreams... this morning, I was drawn to wakefulness to embrace the joy of realizing that it was ... "just a dream". Apparently I am harboring a deeply seeded fear of selling my car and buying a bondo terror. My dream was this spectacular horror of up-and-buying a car without checking it out and finding all these "oh my god" elements on something that looked like a circa 1983 Ford LTD. Anyways... Awake and watching the last hour of Romancing The Stone... at 8:00 am.

We were all up a little before 10 and decided to make a day trip to Woods Hole and check out the Oceanographic Institute... the brochures... are pretty much like the fisheye lens that makes a 5x5 room look like a palace. While Woods Hole is home to vast Oceanographic research institutes, the public facing elements are basically... the basement of a converted church with a piece-of-shit replica of Alvin (the submersible) and some video thing. The aquarium, contrary to the brochure, was closed and the rest of the cute little sea side town is ... restaurants and places for people with more money than I'll ever have to keep the boats they rarely use. The children were under whelmed but a bike ride to the beach at Falmouth Heights (near our cottage) was the blast they needed. It was a cloud covered day and the last breaths of the day came with a chill breeze and the sounds of our kids hollering at one another as they played by the beach. Oh yeah, and my light blue water shoes tend to look strikingly like toe-shoes. Thankfully, the rest of me does not at all look like a ballerina. :) Research has revealed that we should have sought something called the "Ocean Quest"... an excursion for the family on a research vessel.

I've had a "romeo-and-juliette" cigar cooling it's jets in the freezer for ... many months, well wrapped and sealed for fun. Today I snuck it out to see if I could persuade my admiral-free self to find a little pleasure in a very rare cigar moment. So I found privacy and a match, then unwrapped my little bit of cuban pleasure... and it literally disintegrated in my hand. Absolutely powder. There is much I need to learn about the care and feeding of a cigar. haha..... No matter. I'm better off without it.
We ate yet another vastly portioned meal in a seafood restaurant and between that and cottage breakfast and evening snacks... we needed no other food. We did use the kitchen table for an hour or so of Middle Earth Risk, and we watched most of "The Mask" (jim carey)... When the kids found sleep, suz and I found all the guide books and plotted our course for the five days ahead. Tomorrow we hope to light out on a three-masted sorta-tall-ship cruise.

The cottage has a "guest book" that is filling up with the comments of previous renters... and it's an illuminating read. Several guests from Ireland and some good suggestions about places to eat etc. Best of all, however, is the "guest challenge" to count the Lighthouses in the cottage. This is no small task... there are over 300 in the kitchen alone. From the designs on plates and mugs to the salt and pepper shakers... to the paintings, patterns on rugs, curtains... and all the kitchy bits that seem to be hiding in every nook and cranny. :D

Oh, and the day started with flames shooting out of the wall... The cottage has several of these modern "test switch" adorned three prong wall sockets but there remains several of the original 1950's era two-prongers. The air conditioner in the bedroom window plugs into one of those. Actually, it plugs into a gizmo that is supposed to spin-off a ground wire (not attached) and then into the wall. I tried to plug something else into the second socket in that outlet and ... presto... sparks everywhere and black soot on my fingers. Scared the crap out of me, and dumped the power from half the cottage. Flashlight in hand, I found the 20 amp fuse that was fried and ... no replacements. So I borrowed two from the neighboring house (same owners) and replaced the fuse... only to have it POP the second I put it in. Out it came and out came my screw driver to open up that wall plug. The thing actually fell apart in my hands. I ended up removing it completely, closing the whites together and the blacks together and put in another fuse. All is well, although there is an extension cord connecting the a/c to the three pronger in the bathroom.

Day Six, Monday, August 1

Ok... so the boat thing... not today. But we're booked for tomorrow morning. :) The sun spent the day carving little warm lines across everything today... it was wonderful. We (wait, side bar, I have always always always loved "Donna" on the West Wing... just say'en) cruised on bikes to a bike shop... go figure... and made arrangements to rent a "tandem attachment" (Edwards little bike is no match for ... anything...) to use when we go and find some woman named Martha at some vineyard... apparently there's some nice houses there... of course, all I was expecting was a lot of vines... and definitely not carley simon and other rich flip-charts that don't know how to spend it all. Ok, no, all kidding aside... I had (have) no concept what-so-ever of what Martha's Vineyard is all about. I honestly thought it was not an island and was only a large grape orchard... You simply cannot imagine the look on suzanne's face when I tried to explain this to her. Any-hooo... we sail on a three masted schooner tomorrow - pirates be here - and the day after that... we will see just how much stamina young children really have. Perhaps a little pirate training is a good thing, in advance of the trip to Martha's back yard. There's a big Ferry ride, so the kids will groove on that, huge. Which reminds me... we have (Suz and I) had almost no end of laughs at the expense of effeminate men everywhere after rolling into the land of ferries. The signs... the schedules... hell, even the names... "The Island Queen"... sweet mercy, the fun never stops.
We hit Falmouth Heights beach today... and unlike yesterday, it was sunny, hot and the ocean was begging me to get sticky from salt water. We swam, dried off, searched for beach glass, and as the sunlight brought squinty eyes to my children... I got a whole lot closer to my own personal god.

Day Seven, Tuesday, August 2

You know... waking Edward up in the morning is right up there with cold fusion, building pyramids and deciding how much slack to use when laying ocean cables... flipp'en hard man! So, anyways... my watch started beeping at 8:30. I was in Georges bed... George and Edward were in our bed, as was Suz... I was too, for that matter, up until about 6:00... but this is no Ikea King Size bed and it was getting wwwway too crowded so I bailed when I woke up in the middle of a first-down pile up. (sporting reference for the amusement of those that know me). We were up and outta here by 9:50... and as a testament to exactly how close we are to the Falmouth Harbor, we were parking on the far side of the harbor at 9:58. The "Liberte" is a three masted schooner, 18 ft wide and 73 ft from stem to stern. The design was intended to be a double mast with a 1200 sq ft main sail but the owner, captain and "redesigner" split off another mast and spread out the sail area for reasons having to do with how easy the boat is for him to handle with a nominal crew. He, his wife and four year old daughter live on this boat... and he takes passenger compliments of up to 49 people out on three cruises per day to pay his way in life. He also provides something called "emergency service" back and forth to Martha's Vineyard in the middle of the night. Any ways... the bottom line is that we, Suz, the boys and I were the only paying customers this morning so, essentially, we had a private charter. We sailed out to "haven" and back, with the boys taking turns handling the wheel and keeping the boat on course. We all hauled up sails and manned the jibs when coming-about and oh my gosh did they have a flipping great time. :)

We went from there to the stop-n-shop for groceries and after a cottage lunch, we made for the beach again... swimming, sifting sand, digging holes and being salt-water sticky took up the rest of the afternoon. Oh, and the "out door shower" at the cottage continues to be a lovely way to sort out that saltwater thing... We had a wonderful - but geezus, when am I going to learn to not over eat? - dinner at a nice restaurant in Falmouth village (the "quarterdeck"), shopped the main-street and came home to watch Big Brother and fall into our various beds. It's 11:30 now... and I just finished sewing the ear back onto one of Edwards bunnies (teddy bears for bedtime suffer great gobs of abuse) and I'm waiting for them (he boys) to find their way to sleep. Suz found the back of her eyes an hour ago... and it would take a miracle to keep me awake for more than another fifteen minutes. See ya tomorrow.

Day Eight, Wednesday, August 3

Ok, so I'm as close to speechless as I can get... That Martha, she's got one hulluva vineyard. Let's see... our day started with the usual struggle of getting Edward to wake up... but we still managed to get to the Ferry (no jokes) on time - and without bikes (command decision to drop the biking idea for "the vineyard") - and off we went. We bought tickets for the two and a half hour tour of the island and it started (thankfully, in an air-conditioned bus) the moment we got off the ferry. It was fantastic... we hit every town on the island and listened to the tour narrator explain everything from where Kennedy swam drunkenly across the bay after the car crash that killed that girl to how Belushi's wife moved the headstone to the cemetery front gate. The rigid control that the historical preservation societies exact upon the residences in the towns is just amazing (and crazy - IMHO) ... oh, and David Norton (Norton Anti-virus) and his $8 mill pad in Oak Bluffs - just a jaw dropping wow! We toured up to Aquino - formerly "Gay Head" ... and you can just guess why they changed the name a few years ago (I bought a "gay head" baseball cap... bwaahahahaha) and took in historical information to such an extent that I was furiously writing little notes. :D The tour was wonderful... I'd love to come back and rent mopeds and tour ourselves. Things on the island have changed dramatically in the last twenty years... and I would hazard to guess that things are going to fall apart in the next twenty. They still need cops, firemen, teachers, tradesmen, semi-professionals... but they still only pay them slightly over prime while demanding unbelievable rents and taxes. It's an equation that doesn't add up ... to the islands eventual detriment.

Jaws was filmed here and ... you can't come here and leave without knowing this. There are "famous people" stories everywhere but, apparently, the islanders leave the special people alone.

We shopped Oak Bluffs, ate local specialties, and talked to little old ladies sitting on the porches of tiny gingerbread houses... The Methodist settlement that began as a camping get-away from the whaling center of Edgartown in the early 1800's, became the town of Oak Bluffs and has, at it's center, a collection of some 300 teeny weenie little houses all packed together and around a vast "tabernacle". These are the famous "gingerbread houses" of Martha's Vineyard. I talked briefly to a few old ladies at these houses and we all talked with Eleanor, who is about seven hundred years old, as she sat on the porch of her home... it was built in 1867 and her family has owned it since 1918. The deal is that the Methodist Association owns all the land and people can own houses on it, but they all are these little miniature houses that are now worth a half $mill with "association fees" that come close to what taxes would be. The pictures come close, but there is no way to really capture how freakishly "we're walking through a children's book" the whole thing is. The thing is... 25 years ago, these houses were worth several thousand dollars... today they're a half mill... They typically are owned and passed down in a family... but the next generation of "hand me down houses" will have to absorb huge huge huge costs to keep them, and they wont all have that kind of cash... let alone the inclination to use it in this way if they actually had that money. It's not just anyone that can afford to have a half million dollar summer home the size of a shoe box. So what happens when all these old ladies die?

The tourists are thick as thieves for the summer months and apparently they have very harsh winters here (note: as we live in Ottawa... I'm guessing they're notion of a harsh winter would earn them handles like "pussy" but whatever) so the crowds thin out. As much as it - all of Martha's Vineyard - is like a small piece of absolute heaven on earth, it is still becoming prohibitively expensive to live there. As was being explained to us... it's wonderful to grow up here as a child, but most the children grow up and leave because they cannot possibly afford to stay. We saw the Enterprise V (vastly ginormous cruiser owned by the Amway Corp) moored in a harbor ... my parents have sailed on that yacht... but dude... we saw so many fricken 10 - 100 million dollar cruisers in the harbors that it just stops making any sense to think of the money that is moving around.

We only just managed to make the last ferry ride back to Falmouth, and we set out immediately to cheer on the Falmouth Commodores baseball team for the evening. It was quite a big deal for the boys to get all kinds of autographs from the players (Geo had them signing his new "black dog" baseball cap and Ed had them signing his game-program). Then it was home and food at 9:30 at night and eventually a very sleepy bed time for all... including me. :D ni ni...

Day Nine, Thursday, August 4

Up... but not early... in fact, we all slept till 10... and boy did it feel goooooood. :) We thought... ever so briefly, that we were gonna go to the "national sea shore" today... but the day a) got away from us and b) we be sooooo damn lazy.

Food... sloth like cottage behavior, television, and then a trip back to the endless basket of fun, aka "Woods Hole"... but this time the Aquarium was open. That was really neat. I've never been to a really big and cool aquarium and I know they are out there... This wasn't one of them, but it was still really cool to see what they had to show us.
Then we drove into various "private - keep out" lanes in Quisset Harbour. Oh my god there are some gorgeous houses there!! So we toured around, letting the kiddies play their games in the back seat while we tried to catch the endless bits of drool that was dribbl'en out of our mouths as we drove around. It was actually a very nice way to kill some time. (insert several lines of little smiley faces here).

The beach and a lot of swimming in a wind swept ocean that rolled big waves into the shore. I swam out to what I figured was "half" my limit of endurance... (you have to swim back yo!) and then caught a total face, nose and mouth full of ocean!!! gah! I - d'uh - managed to swim back, coughing and spitting the salt water back out... More so this time than any other trip to the ocean that I can remember, I've been digging the ocean swimming thing.

After getting cleaned up we headed out to Seafood Sams for a big dinner... and that (personal opinion here) sucked big time (no really - they've perfected every way there is to turn good sea food into fast-food-crap). We walked around in the ever so cute "village" of Falmouth and ended up buying empty cigar boxes from the liquor-slash-cigar store. It's close to 11 now and the weather forecast is for 92 tomorrow... so we're re-planning that trip to the sea shore. Tomorrow is out last full day in the Cape, so I'm hoping the drive from Falmouth to the NSS isn't horribly long and ends with some good memories.

We haven't made much of an effort to "entertain" the kids on this trip... just letting things fall as they may and seeing what there is to see. They've been having a fabulous time. Go figure.

Note: The Cape... is a very white zone... just say'en.
Note 2: Next time I say "no" to cotton candy for Edward... I will stick to my guns!!

Interesting news lately... on the one hand, we have an Air France plane drop off the runway in Toronto (Canada) and burn to a cinder... yet everyone survives. And contrasting that... the news is filled with road rage reports of mush-for-brains gun-owners killing people on American highways. People... when are you gonna get the message that maybe everybody shouldn't own a gun?

Day Ten, Friday, August 5

Friday? already? don't let the clock hit you in the head on the way out the door.

So... after my usual early morning shuffle, waking up at 6:00 between Geo and Suz, getting up and moaning as my back begs me to find my own bed back in Kanata, and going to Geo's bed (a small single)... then waking again at 7:00 with Geo beside me, crawling out, stretching my back, and then back into bed with Suz,... and repeating it all again... we all get up at 9:44. Yawn, scratch, etc. I have a quick shower and pack bags for the day while Suz gets herself ready. We eat various things that constitute a breakfast and hit the road at 11:00. We are driving from Falmouth to Nausset Beach in Orleans.

Oh, wait... that reminds me... the road from home to here includes passing Pembroke, Kingston and then there's that Orleans reference... All in Massachusetts... all also in Ontario (and yes, I had to check the map to spell Mass...)
Anyways, the trip from here to Nausset was about an hour and fifteen. Not bad and when a trip is all brand new... it passes more quickly than, say, and hour and fifteen trip to somewhere near home that you've made a million times.

The day topped out, temperature wise, at 98 degrees... it was - bar none - the hottest day of the vacation so far. An excellent day to be at the beach. A thought shared by an amazing number of people... the HUGE beach was loaded with people. Families, and young guns of both genders, sucking up the sun and soaking up the ocean. And let me tell you... the Atlantic Ocean is one seriously cold fricking body of water. No, seriously... holy shit!!!! It was like ice water man. The water in Nantucket Sound is like 70 degrees... the water off the "national sea shore" was about 10 degrees above freezing. (ok, maybe not... but my god!!!) Now, remember, it was screechingly hot out, so the cold water thing was almost a blessing. The best part, however, was the three foot ocean swells turning into surf. The rolling surf waves were an absolute blast. We did swim, head under, total emersion swim, (suz was the most brave but Geo and I were in there as well - Edward ran back and forth screaming in the wash). It was an absolute gas... There is some fluid dynamic pattern at work with the ebb and flow of the surf that I cannot fathom, although I suppose it is what surfers (on warmer beaches) spend a lifetime getting "a feel for". The point, however, is that there are small waves and then ... big nasty waves that surprise the heck out of you. One minute your looking at your feet as a tumble of little rocks pelt your ankles drawn back to the ocean by returning water... maybe three inches of water... and then suddenly your screeching as freezing water smacks into your chest and tosses you over backwards and flips you around. Fun like this must be experienced to be understood. We made the beach at about 12:30 and it was 4:30 before we knew it. We brought and set up soccer-mom chairs (foldy things in canvas bags) - never sat in them. We brought a Frisbee and a ball... never touched 'em. Sand toys galore... Ed used only a shovel. Cold food bag, dry food bag... both full! Suz and I drank the Mikes Hard Lemonade and the kids drank the diet coke... that's it. All we did was lie on towels, run in the surf and put on gobs of sun block. And it was crazy fun...

We got home to the cottage by 7:00, cleaned up (showers, etc) and back to the village for our last big dinner by 8:15. Friday night in Falmouth village! We got to sit down to eat at 9:15. gah!! The boys were starving but were surprisingly well behaved. Suz wanted crab cakes... I, myself, and completely sick of sea food (Sam's, last night, didn't help much) ... but I am totally done with Lobster. Gimmy the melted garlic butter... fine, but keep the exoskeleton crap that people insist on coaxing from the ocean floor. I had a NY steak and it was delish!

We're all about packing and cleaning up, and we're supposed to be on the road by 10:00 tomorrow (so we'll pull out at 11:00).
Next stop, Lincoln, New Hampshire.

I totally love Cape Cod... and if we ever get the chance to come again, I hope we get a cottage further north, up the cape... Eastham, Wellfleet, Turo, or Provincetown, and I would want to cottage on the Cape Cod Bay side... although, Martha's Vineyard might be a lot more fun all by itself.

Note: Interstate Highway (??) Route number 28 arrives as a north / south road into the cape code zone over the Bourne Bridge. So it's route 28 South from the bridge down to Falmouth. So far so good... right? Yeah, well that route then heads east from Falmouth than then all the way NORTH up the cape to Orleans. So, when you drive to the 28 anywhere from Falmouth to Orleans you have to get on the Route 28 North to go south, or the 28 South to go North. Really whack man.

Day Eleven, Saturday, August 6

So the great puzzle that is our packed-maxima was a bit of a challenge, but the trunk in packed, the bike rack hooked up, the bikes loaded and the car topper loaded with everything else... all this by 10:00. The owner's 20 year old blonde niece showed up with her main squeeze... but they were there to clean the recently vacated rental next door... took them a while... 'magine that. Meanwhile I have to convince Suz to stop cleaning our rental. We hit the road at 11:30... then, when our knuckles stopped hurting, we left.

Sidebar: I'm still trying to get this image from Martha's Vineyard out of my head... We were just approaching Edgartown, on the tour bus, and I look out the window... there was this guy... easily 80 if not older, brown shoes, mid-calf brown sox, beige shorts, long sleeve white dress shirt - tucked, standing feet side by side, with half of each foot hanging over the edge of ... one of those small motorized mini-scooters... zooming along. I almost choked on my gum.

K... so we stopped for gas, and bought some "Stewarts" soda-pop to take home for my sis and then the road trip kicked in. It took us five hours to get to Lincoln, New Hampshire. Dude... this is one strange little town. (Oh, and we saw a bright green LOTUS in a highway "rest area" ... wowza!!)

New Hampshire... Signs indicate that seatbelts are mandatory for those under 18. So the "no helmet law" for motorcycles seemed to be par for the course. I'm fine with that law in the US... I call it the Darwin Law. In Canada, socialized medicine has to cover all the recovery costs of the losers that don't actually die in motorcycle accidents, so we have a helmet law. Anyways... back to NH. We passed a sign directing us the NH historical museum in Concord (where we stopped for lunch). I'm guessing they have an awesome "smashed in head" display.
Do you live in NH or MA? How do you keep from dying every time they play those Cox office supply commercials on the radio? 1-887-getcox! oh my god!!!

We made the "resort" (Woodwards) by around 5:00 and it's been all about swimming ever since. We're all in bed now watching "Airplane". The view out every window is breathtaking... gorgeous Adirondack mountains.
Two more sleeps and I'll be home... I'm looking forward to the mountain excursion tomorrow... but I'm looking forward to my own bed more. :)

See ya tomorrow night.

Day Twelve, Sunday, August 7

Last day... Dude, we are freaking pigs man... We've been eating these huge meals... The kids are smart enough to just eat till they're full, then they're done. We, on the other hand, have been savoring the food - translation: eating everything (unless it's gross disgusting seafood at Seafood Sams). This place, Woodwards, is a "90 cottage" resort with pools, play areas, and... a big restaurant. We're about an hour from Mount Washington and moments from a bunch of other mountains... We opted for the "meal plan" so we wouldn't have to spend any time in the twilight of our vacation looking for restaurants. So breakfast ... then off we go to a place called "Loon Mountain Resort" ... holy crap!!!! This place must be one seriously outstanding winter ski resort. After driving the wrong way a few times... we made Loon by 11'ish. That was serious fun.... big gondola ride to the top... glorious look-out zone, and a cave walk through this cool-beans glacial bolder thing (no really... crazy ass fun for the kids and, um... a wee bit hard for the mommy and daddy). More gondola, and a climbing wall. Well all made the top of our climbs... (honking the "I reached the top" horn). Shopping rounded things off and we ended up back in a pool at the resort. Dinner... huge again... feeding ducks, basketball and a lot more swimming. ... you gotta believe I am one tired corto. This has been an amazing vacation... and, as usual, I'm wishing I had a few holiday days from work to rest up from my vacation.

ok... dream thing: As totally wack as this is gonna sound... every word... dead true. I woke up this morning after a really vivid dream. I was somewhere, with some people that I think I worked with... and there was this car accident on the road out front. Richard Nixon had been hit and killed by a car. This, apparently, wasn't so terrible. However, when I went out to look at the accident scene, I found his foot. It seems that Mr. Nixon had a prosthetic foot, and it was in a lovely black shoe and that was in a light blue "shoe rubber". Mrs. Nixon was there to identify the body (I never saw it in the dream) but Mrs. Nixon was gonna take the foot. However, I convinced her to let me keep the foot because I was going to put it in some kind of a display and "the public" would be able to enjoy the foot for many years to come. She thought this was a great idea... so she gave me the foot. I was so excited, running back to where my co-workers were (to tell them the news) that I lost the damn foot. I was standing there... trying to explain to them that a) Nixon had just been killed, b) he had a fake foot and c) I was allowed to keep this fake foot and make a display out of it. Can you imagine how frustrating it was trying to explain this and get them to believe me. Now... I did, in fact, go back and find the foot, and I was able to finally convince them - by showing them the foot and the kicker (no pun intended) was the shoe... it was a "presidential shoe" so they believed it was Nixon's foot. Then I woke up. Say it with me... WTF????

Day Thirteen, Monday, August 8

THE PLAN: Wake up, pack the car-topper, and eat another big ass breakfast. Then drive from here to the 89, and up to Montreal, and over to home. tick tick tick...

We made it ... safe and sound... with a wee pit stop in Montreal to visit my father-in-laws resting place... :)

If you read all that... you deserve a prize! :
Thanks for visiting our vacation with us.

The End...

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  • shiver

    You know that shiver you get through your shoulder blades and down your back when you feel cold. Maybe you’ve just left the restaurant and you’re…

  • selfie

    as I read and read and read about "Selfies"... I quietly say to myself... "um... yeah, tell me again how selfies are a new thing." lol. :)

  • Monday, February 17, 2014

    Hiya. :) Today was one of those “oh look… LJ is still there” days. Oh how I miss the old days when LJ was pretty much a playground filled with my…