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Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

April Stirs The Pot

Where-in... the nasty ass shit disturber, aka April, has a little of her mask pulled away revealing the demon within, but – sadly – not enough to do her any lasting damage. That’ll have to wait. Meanwhile, we get to watch while Sarah dribbles tears, and James dribbles ... something else. It all boiled down to a game for math geeks... and word ‘em up home-slice... if there’s a math geek in this house, she’s hiding in the fridge with the elephants.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in 266 words")
Howie talks turkey with Maggie and we all wonder... are they all that stupid or are some of them actually that smart? They decided to fry James and Sarah because... um... well, just because. All of which provides ample opportunity to watch April stir shit up. Sarah, acting like a frustrated six year old with nice tits, is not taking adversity well. It’s arts and crafts day in the yard, as they all decorate little piñatas... Little Jamie is flipping the bird, Little Sarah is crying, Little April is a skank hoe, and Little Howie? ... is actually talking in the diary room. (weird moment that). James works on Janelle, and then James and Sarah get to work on Howie and Rachel. Maggie continues to act like some kind of strange Charles Manson follower with her almost religious adoration of Eric The Short Firefighter, and seeks the blood of James to appease her short little angry god. Because nobody is actually any good at math, the Veto game once again lands on James and he saves his skinny ass, leaving his Twenty-three-and-already-hunched chick to take the fall Maggie wanted him to take. April, in a moment of stupid, offers to go up as a pawn and lives to regret it. It takes her and Ivette-of-the-mouth all of a 10 seconds to start fighting over the pawn thing and presto bingo... Howie has Ivette up against Sarah. Sarah has better boobs... so Ivette will go on Friday. We can all just sit back and pray that Boo takes his slippery little cheeks out the door after her.

Most Memorable Moment
The shit-eating-grin on James when he won the Veto game. Man are these guys dumb.

When faced with all the shit that the "swear on the bible" thing brought to the table, why-oh-why doesn’t James just say... "Fuck that... I was blowing smoke up her ass because I wanted to stay in the damn game. Forget it and relax." I just don’t get these morons sometimes. All the righteous crap that pours out of these guys. Either they have the power and act like they must uphold some precious moral value, or they are on the shit end of the stick and figure everyone else is pure evil for putting them there.
It’s money guys... it’s a game for money. Wake the hell up and play? At least Kaysar played the damn game!!! Which reminds me... go the and vote for Kaysar over and over !!! :D

Darwin's Dessert
"closest to 20 without going over and you win veto". So... they all say they wanted James out. There were five of them against him and they all had to put at least one of their ten candies in a second piñata. How come there weren’t 45 candies in James piñata?

The Winner
This bring-back-the-dead thing is going to really mess with the game. I would have said shit-queen (April) is looking good to win again because people continue to buy into her crap... or get fried (i.e. Micheal, Kaysar, and lets watch Ivette!!). But I dunno. Odds are on again for Kaysar if he comes back!

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