Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Birthday Babies... the saga continutes...

Happy Birthday Skeeter


Happy Birthday Leah

hmmmm... so quick bio backgrounders...

Screamingvenus is like this completely bizarre experience from the get go... She met me when she took the time to "take me to task" over something I said in someone elses journal... I mean, she really tried to lay me low... and instead of having a brawl... we became friends instead!! woohoo... Have a great birthday Skeeter... and don't take that 'adult' handle too seriously!

Leah... that is one pregnant girli! Good luck in the ongoing saga of making that baby... I will continue to look forward to your pregnancy updates... one day, in the not too distant future... POP! :D

Happy Birthday to Yous Guys... Happy Birthday to Yous Guys... Happy Birdday dear Lean and Skeeter, Happy Birthday to you!

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