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Tuesday, July 26

The pic...i'm tugging my ear... because that's our secret signal that I'm thinking about you and want you know. :)

Long night last night... Suz is the packing queen of organization... and I'm trying to help ... :D
Of course, finding that "smell" thing last night was a big deal!!! but otherwise, things just kept taking up time last night. Oh, the little balls of vacation fury, hitherto known as my children, were wide awake at 12:00... excited much?

I woke up to a cloudy day with threats of thunder storms... and more heat. All this heat... It's gotta be Georgie-Poopy-head's fault... don't you think.

Oh, and we watched the shuttle do it's thing on NASA TV this morning... congrats on not blowing up during take off guys. :)

~ black ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ beige short sleeve shirt... :)
~ another day of bbbbbusy.
~ finish a report for client boss...
~ time sheets... client and office... ug!
~ get a number 3 hair cut from ... somewhere...
~ hit wally-land on the way home to see if I can score a good deal on a new back pack. (I'm using a 10 year old swag back pack from BMC... it's getting crusty)
~ finish my packing tonight...
~ watch Big Brother... :)
~ and try to get a good sleep... I so seriously am going to make "good sleeps" the theme of this little vacation... :)
~ to send several good and hopeful vibes out to heatherbell... just because... :)
~ to wave at darkbay...
~ to tell little Savannah to settle down... Mommy-Kat... needs you to stop kicking her... ok little sugar. :)
~ that my friend kitiara gets a little better day by day and feels top notch just as soon as she is able. :)

/// I feel really bad for the london cops that popped that Brazillian dude... I feel bad for the dude's family too, but it's all only to a point. Guy's gotta have rocks for brains (well, lead slugs now) to run from cops and bee-line for the subway considering the climate in London ... or was he unaware of the terrorist activity in town? No seriously... it's sad but shit happens man.

// Have you ever noticed - by watching the little columns of AP News Stories in your paper - the frequency with which really high capacity buses plummit over bridges, into rivers, or off cliffs in places like India, Pakistan, and various south american countries? It's rather disconcerting, considering they never notice until the bus doesn't show up in BFE or whatever... and the death toll is usually somewhere between 50 and 100... I mean... seriously... and then you notice that all the cab drivers in your town are... you know... from India, Pakistan, and various south american countries... Just say'en...

/(I cannot spell Zimbabwi... and I don't care... ok?)
My friend, teaser, commented on her governments interest in making supportive payments to Zimbabwai... she lives in South Africa... and then, on the way to work, they had this big radio documentary moment on El Presidentee, El Sid, El Psycho Robert Mugabee... rather interesting story. What a completely screwed up man. He's gotta be happy that he doesn't have an Oil rich country... or Georgie boy would be in there in a shot...

K... time to git... see ya. :)

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