Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ the hunt for the evil scent has concluded!!

Suz noticed it again tonight while she was sorting out some packing for the trip.
Working away in the bedroom...

See the smell would show up and vanish again just as quick.
It was ... is... a horrible smell... makes you instantly nautious.

So the four of us are sniffing around the room... faces on the carpet, at the vents... everywhere.
And then ... I stand on the bed and draw a waft of air from ... below the ceiling light.

Hopeful... I turn it off!!! and wait for it to cool and then check it out.
I open it up ... and I find...

No dead animals...
But that burn mark... freaking reaks like a rotting herd of dead elephants.
And both bulbs were 60 watt bulbs... exactly what the labels on the fixture recommend.

I'm taking it back to Home Depot and raising a big flipping stink!! (pardon the pun).
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