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Monday, July 25

So... Monday morning and the humidex (aka It's not the heat, it's the SWEAT POURING OFF YOUR FACE) is right back up there... yesterday? perfect... fabulous... today? ick by 8:00 am. I shut up the house and snapped on the A/C before I left... Everyone was, of course, sleeeeeeping and dreaming when I slugged out the front door to work. Despite going to bed toooooo late, I did manage to wake up well and enjoyed my coffee / news moments before the shower. :)

I just ate my lunch... I bought lunch today (rare!) and so I journey to the food court for this complex and while I'm walking out with my "noodles and chicken (big spicy!!! yum)" there's this guy... gesturing while he sits there eating and talking to his friend... I can't hear a word... it's a giant noisy food court... but he's making this chopping gesture at the top of his own head... over and over and over... I mean... maybe some mishap with a garage door? first years at guillotine school? whatever... looked mighty strange at the time. :)

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and light blue short sleeve "it's hot out" shirt...
~ two working days this week... and I've a deliverable to get sorted... so... busy busy day!
~ get through today... and no doubt, pack pack pack... unpack and repack. We're trying to ... hahaha... go minimalist... so I suspect there will be stuff poking out of all the windows of the poor car that we are changing into a transport trailer for our trip. :D hahaha... oh man... car topper, bikes, stuff... oh, and four people... ack...
~ tonight? read more Harry... :)
~ that sweet catherine and her little tiny babies... all stay perrrrrfectly healthy and happy while I'm away next week!!! (I think about them a lot... )
~ for all kinds of great choices to come to stephaniekaye as she and her squeeze sort out colour choices for their new digs!!
~ to point out that sparklegrrl is a lot of things... all of them wonderful... and none of them is "old". goof.
~ that the stew turns out for veeter... :D

/// Ok... LOOK... the president of Pakistan was making some speech to someone somewhere... and he says (and I'm quoting here!!!) that they are going to have a "Jihad against the Jihadists." And you wonder why things are so completely fucked lately. Talk about someone that just does not get it. a jihad against the jihadists???? geezus... Of course, this is all related to people that tend to blow up in England (and elsewhere, for that matter). Seems that they found evidence that one or more of the bombers was from Pakistan... This is from the guys that pumped five bullets into that dude on the subway... so their "pakistani" evidence could be ... what? a spring attached to one of the heads in the rubble?

// Can you imagine... all across London... as you and I sit here... there are guys and girls standing in their front halls... looking at their back packs... and thinking "ahhh crap!!! I just fucking bought that god damned thing!!!" Of course, the solution is obvious... The House Of Lords (or whatever) should pass a decree that every man, woman and child in England shall be issued a clear plastic backpack. Of course, winter is coming... all those padded coats on the subway... the bobbies* are gonna have a field day.
*temptation to type boobies... overwhelming.

/ Love your children... take care of them... forgive them... be proud of them... and tell them every day how proud of them and in love with them you are.
There is little else you can do that will go as far to building strong and healthy hearts and minds.

~ k... see ya. :D

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