Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

camera day.:)

so... frustrated with my pentax...
I go out and buy a new camera before our trip.
Off to Future Shop (land of the hassel free return policy) and buy a Canon Elph SD200.

It's very tiny...
I like.

Ok... so the price is reasonable.
(hence the purchase decision)
... and then they tell me that there is a promotion going on...
puchase your camera for $100 over the purchase price...
get a tag to do a "mail in rebate" for the full $100 and they kick in a Lexmark Snapshop Photo Printer.
I've been down the "mail in rebate" road before... it takes a while but if you do all your bit... you get the cash back. :)

~ just say'en... sweet. :)
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