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Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Did she just break up with me?

Where in... another house-mat joins Julie The-Space-Alien in the loser lounge. Resplendent in her gold shimmery dress, Julie hoped to distract us from her inability to read a teleprompter with some naked Space-Alien thigh... didn't work. Not only do we get treated to a lot of revealing outfits, we get a couple of house-mats practically licking the skin off one another and Janelle reaches for new heights of class by breaking up with her boyfriend... in a sound byte!

Loser say what?
(aka “The show in as few words as possible”)
Tight gold shimmery dress with thigh... and still no Julie nipple, but that's ok... we have April in the Diary Room falling out of her shirt, and three... count'em, three returns to last weeks HOH Game finale to see Janelle’s high beams screaming to get out of her shirt. And then there's Jennifer who appears to want to just let hers swing around unrestrained... Howie has a very pained look on his face. Everybody is getting their sound byte sounding like they’re gonna vote for Janelle but we know better. Ivette appears to have been harshly set upon for letting nothing but shit dribble from her mouth and assures Julie she's gonna "control her mouth." And then pigs will fly out of my butt...
Julie The-Pretend-News-Woman, goes for aggressively passive and slams Mini-Vin in his HoH interview by asking him what he heard ("um, nothing first hand") and why he felt betrayed ("um... can I make something up here?"). Finished with tormenting Eric, Julie goes back to doing what she does best... saying "But first!". Janelle and Michael crawl around on each other, hoping for enough privacy to sample the goods... alas... not happening. She does hop into the Diary Room to tell her boyfriend in NYC that their done, she says some insane thing about Mike and marriage and then we watch while his ass is kicked out of the house. It's a 9 to 1 goodbye kiss for Michael and then Julie gets to watch her big surprises about all the "secret pairs" fall flat again. They line up and play for HoH ... and Kaysar “The Hairy” snags the key. Then Eric’s head explodes. Er... well, ok fine, but it could happen!

Fav Quote
Julie: "... but first..."

"I really like him for him... and I know that he's not poor!". Sweet geezus Janelle... oh wait... not done... "Michael’s the type, you know, for marriage." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh look... is that an L pushing out of your forehead?

Julie: "... but first..."

Jennifer: "I like PB&J... I lost weight!" ??? from where?
Jennifer: "I’m not a lesbian or anything..." ... er... but you like watching Janelle giggle around the house... fine.

Julie: "... but first..."

Rachel: "I think he got a raw deal..." Yeah! By you!!!

Most Memorable Moment
Hard to call... it's between Janelle breaking up with her boyfriend from the fricking diary room, the overhead camera trying to not look down Jennifer’s shirt in the closing moments or Eric sweating it out when Julie asked him about his flip out!

Does (did) Janelle have a boyfriend in NYC? A boyfriend anywhere?

The winner…
Back to Janelle... play it. If she is even just a little bit less dumb than she's making out to be... she could be great. Only time will tell. :)

Two things...
~ will Kaysar puppy out? or will he seek the vengeance he promised Michael he would meet out?
~ so... do they all know each other or is that too hard for CBS to have worked out?

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