Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


ok... just a little something you did not previously know about..
(and possibly were really quite content not knowing about me... )

Every since I was in like grade 4... I could blow wee little bubbles... like with spit. No, really... it's like I mess around with a bit o'spit on my tongue and manage to end up with a little ½ inch bubble on the tip of my tongue. Puff out the tiniest bit of breath and it floats away....

It gets really fricking cold around here in winter... (you see where this is going?)

I can remember standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus that took me to school blowing little bubbles, and as they floated away from me they'd freeze completely. I'd catch 'em in my mitt.... and I'd try to get a handful. It was really kinda bizarre. I can still do this... but really only rarely do I think the peeps around me are going to be suitably impressed... not at all like the kids at the bus stop in grade 5.

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