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Yeah... so having lunch with my wife and a best friend that, besides being a big cheese in the government is also a home reno god... can have a serious impact on home renovation plans.

It's pretty much a done deal that the Kitchen Renovation Project (KRP for short) is officially off and ... now it's a choice between building a whole new house or buying an existing house.
All this because Suzanne wanted to get a new kitchen table a couple of months ago.
Flippen expensive table if you ask me. :)

Today has come and gone and next up is the big zooooooooooom home for Geo's soccer game at 6:15.

Tomorrow is all about trying to avoid the Dead Zone during an all-morning presentation that some vendah is giving... sigh.


The fire that burns the brightest...
fades to glowing ashes while a candle burns all night.

The love the washes away all thought...
consumes more than just time if the lover is not careful.

And the anger that consumes you ...
is rarely satisfied by what you give it to feed upon.


see ya. :)

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