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Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Groovy Baby ... Groooovy

Where in... Mini-Vin and Doctress Evil wage a little war. Of course, Mini-Vin going psycho but attacking Austin Pincher (Micheal the Terrifying Sexual Preditor) was nowhere near as effective as sharks with little frick'en lasers!!! Sarah Breast takes a moment to use her brain for a few nanoseconds and solves the puzzle of Big Brother's International Room of Mystery (and exercise machines). Rachel rats out The Pincher, all hell breaks loose, and representing Cuba, Little Miss Cantshuddap, goes mucha-lucca on Kaysar The Magnificent. In a terrifying twist of fate, Mini-Vin vows to die as the Veto games gets ready to zip...

Loser say what?
(aka “The show in as few words as possible”)
April's blowing smoke up Janelles ass about Mike and the boobie girl is totally not taking it. Mike and Eric are shooting out sparks every time they come close to one another... thanks in no small part to April's endless whining about Mike. Sarah solves a BB riddle to get access to the exercise room - before they all become whales from eating so much kkkkrap! Then Mike goes to Kaysar for some POV support and finds nothing but Dead Man Walking vibes. So he chills, cracking jokes about Mini-Vin, with Janelle in the gold room. And, alas, Rachel listens at the wall and reports to Eric because Eric wasn't all ready crazy enough. When Mike comes out to the yard, Ivette and Kaysar are about to come to blows (and I don't mean the way Ivette makes her carry-around money) and purple head guy (Eric) is chewing his finger and steam is actually leaking out of his little tiny ears. This, thinks Michael, is a perfect time to call Eric a midget and suggest he has a tiny little penis, in front of everyone...
BOOOOM! Eric explodes ("You got some Earnst on you") and it doesn't end until BB has everyone standing in separate parts of the house like a gang of six year old group home kids. It didn't come to blows as everyone was holding everyone back... Oh, and then Kaysar had had just about enough from the Cuban Yak when BB had to intervene again.
Yessireee... it's the Love Shack here on the CBS back lot. The shrinks at Master Control are going wild and after a group meeting we get moments of Mini-Vin handing out apologies and Mike shaking his head in total disbelief at where he has ended up. They sleep it off and end up in the Veto game the next day with Zip lines and a best-time-wins game of "move the water and get the ball". It's a squeaker but James wins over Michael by mere seconds. It's looking bad for Mikey but man, that Eric is a whack job!

Fav Quote
"Look at me!"... April, nasty little wench that she is, demands this of Janelle... because, you know, it's more fun if you stare at her while she lies through her teeth about Michael.

"Nobody int-t-t-ti-timindates me!"... mocks Michael, after Mini-Vin begins popping veins in his head.

"I'll die before I let anyone else win!!"... mmmk Eric... here's me, still waiting!! James won the Veto - and because nobody ever uses the stupid Veto thing, he - of course - doesn't use it... and Eric? Mr. Piss-n-vinigar Mini-Vin doesn't kill himself!! (damn)

"We change our minds in here as often as we change our underwear!"... So... Then about once a week there Ivette-of-the-mouth?

Most Memorable Moment
"you look'en at me?" "I said... are you looking at me?" "No really... are you looking at me?" Eric, clearly fancies himself something of a robert denero incarnate. He just fricking goes ape shit nutbars while on a steady diet of April's bullshit and his own puffed up sense of short-guy-virtue. Michael, who is completely out of anything remotely like luck, is making the sort of mistakes someone makes when their back is up against the wall. A little help from Rachel, the high-school-blab-machine, and his frustrated "angry jokes" with Janelle get relayed to Eric... who blows a few more veins, turns a wee bit purple and then attacks Mikey. Everybody is holding everybody back and Big Brother is on the horn telling them to go stand in the corner... BUT THAT WAS NOTHING compared to the "most memorable moment" when Ivette cannot shut-the-fuck-up and has Kaysar so angry and frustrated that he is standing two inches from her and looks j-j-j-j-just about ready to cave her head in! Big Bro starts yelling over the PA again and everybody has to seperate until somebody remembers that they are not, in fact, in grade 10. Losers!

Fresh From The Live Feeds
Now I'm not following it very close at all but a quick scan of the live feeds turns up two interesting factoids...
~ Howie telling everyone that Sarah has the "most perfect breasts in the world" (he hasn't clued in to the James and Sarah thing yet I suppose).
~ Janelle... possible master mind? Here's the quote from a transcript of the live feeds;
“After I went to outside feeds, the cams switched back to Howie and Janelle on opposite sides of the counter. After another look around the room, Janelle mouths to Howie 'Tell them I'm DUMB'. Howie, in a totally 'normal' voice very different from me ever hearing him says he knows. Something about always telling them not to worry about her, she's not that smart, etc” ruh row...

The winner…
Janelle... (I refuse to think anyone on the Mini-Vin squad will win!!!) and after that quote from Janelle and Howie... I swear, she's giving me goosebumps!

Two things...
~ When Eric is stirring the pot with April he says something like, "If you were on the outside and he did that... would you call it sexual harassment and press charges?"... hahaha... shut up you wanker. They are not on the "outside" ... and her shit would not stand up to any legal scrutiny.
~ Howie is getting away with murder in comparison to how much shit April is raising about Michael - even if he's being a smack monkey.

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