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Hiya Lj.
Well today was a blast... So the plan was to go through a normal Saturday morning and head to the Corel Center for the Beauty and The Beast On Ice thing for 2:00.

Up with Geo at, umm, about 8:30 (yea!!) and staggered with him downstairs. I managed to pass back out on the couch while he at his cereal and watched digimon and just after 9:00 my bud, Kevin, phoned from a nearby mall... He was out with his 1½ year old boy and wanted to drop by. We hung out, had coffee and watched kids playing for an hour. ... 10:30 ish... Well before he left I brought Z a coffee to see if she wanted to stagger down and see Alexander (the little boi). She sat bolt upright in bed... looked again at the clock and pointed out that the show started at 12:00 sharp... none of this 2:00 pm stuff.

Well, we managed to get there just under the wire and we had a fantastic time... the kids loved it. I've not been to an ice capades, or skate competition in years and years... You know the story? You know three ho's in the village that are throwing themselves at Gaston all the time? haha.. they were the best part... no really... It's like, kids don't even look twice at them - they're focusing on the main characters... These three are zipping around the ice acting like total harlots with the other characters... too funny. Note: Geo does not like cotton candy after all... Edward will eat anything with a non-zero sugar content.

Went out to buy a cam this aft... We nicked over to Staples and I was literally waiting for the guy to come back with the key to glass cabinet and Geo announced that he absolutely positively had to go 'poo' right now. I bailed and ripped home... did he poop? Nope... not until after dinner actually.

Cam Question Has anyone used the 3Com Home Connect Lite? I know there is lots of positive stuff to say about the 3com cam but does the "lite" version still cut it?

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