Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

I'm eating a baby gouda... little round cheese thing with some ritz crackers..
and I thought... hmmm... perhaps I'd like a little whine with that.

so... here goes;

like, for ever ago... when I was (I'm guessing here) 18 ... I was in FLA with a couple of friends for a March Break thing.
Living up the name "march break" I managed to get hit by a car and break all kinds of things.
The smallest aspect of the injuries... has turned out to be the most insidious. (clavicle fracture)
If you were to look at me from the front... you would see that my left shoulder is kinda "turned" forward a bit.
The result is that there is a loss of symmetry to things I do with two hands.
If I was to hold, for example, a bar-bell with two hands... one arm (left) would have my elbow almost pointing out (up by about 20-45 degrees), while my right would be in a normal position.
So... I avoid this kind of thing... things that strain the arms because they are meant to be done with two normal arms.
Now... I'm sitt'en here with a killa sore left shoulder.
Why? All I can figure is bike riding. Holding the handlebars... and pulling as my feet push (equal and opposite force thing).
bummer eh. :)

ps. that is one scary looking corto in the icon... wowza.

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