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Hey, hi again. Its been a few days, I know, but I've been a little busy. Me and about every other human on the planet that pays any attention to Jennifer Ringly (aka JenniCam) have been burnin up the wires with posts at the Jenni forum.

details details... but first, before you pass any judgements - on the chance that you only have a passing or zero knowledge of what Jc is all about, let me enlighten you. It is not one of the oh-so-numerous naked people cams that exist out there in net-land. Without selling her cam, let me describe it as a 'real life' cam exposing the life of a 20 something girl in real time. She has her fans and her detractors, and people who know more about her than I ever will have mixed opinions on the roots of her 'real life cam concept'. However, just like Italian racing, "what is behind us is of no concern".

She (jenni) just moved to Sacramento, Ca. from Washington (DC I think?). She's been talking about doing that for a while. So she does, and ends up living in a house right next to a friend of hers - Courtney. Now I only know so much about this stuff so if I get some of the details wrong and you know better, GREAT! comment and tell me... That said, I'll continue... Courtney has a cam as well and a fiance (or at least had a fiance) Dex was his name. Jenni has a new "love of her life" ... You guessed it... Dex. Well this potential movie of the week was played out in perfect JenniCam style. Images on the cam reveal that something is going on with Jenni and a guy. Meanwhile, Courtney's cam is showing general unhappiness. Another player in the drama who's role is far to complicated to fully cover here is a girl named Jodi. Friend to both JR and Court.

Now the forum: A guy named Moe (I'm certain there is nobody named Moe at all but we're gonna call the forum "moe's forum" - the Jenni Forum is not operated by JR - rather its a unbiased third party forum. Anyways, as I was say'en, A guy named Moe runs a fab service called the Jenni Forum and there are, on any given day, 80 new posts to that forum. If nothing is happening in Jenni-land, the regulars post trivia contests... Bottom line: there are clear regulars at the Moes. Well as the drama began to unfold the forum heated up to freaking hundreds and hundreds of posts (Thursday was the peak day). In addition to the regs, all the lurkers start to post and cross-overs from the show up posting as well. It was an all out crucifixion.

My position was clear... wait for the facts then comment without judging - mostly because life's a bitch and I figure the belief that your in love can make even otherwise reserved people do crazy ass things. Others - the majority - were just fucking out of their collective minds pissed at ol'jenni. Now, granted, Courtney got screwed - well actually, no she didn't and wont - that being part of the problem. She lost it or so a letter from her explains and gets psyc-ward shifted (for real for a day or so) and everybody is worrying about her. The dude (Dex - or as I like to call him - d'Ex) is basically the problem from my point of view but once again I gotta fall back on the lifes-a-bitch, get over it! philosophy.

So, that took a lot of energy (finger energy). Mostly 'cause in the short time I've known about JenniCam other than hearsay, I've concluded that she is a real trooper and has done some pretty amazing ground-breaking things and basically deserves my vote. I don't know the other players so they don't get my vote and the issue of what actually happened does not count. I'm not judging. I make this opinion known on the forum and I get the figurative shit kicked out of me and I go into offense/defense post mode ... very tired fingers. I mean, sure if it was my wife, or my best friend or whatever, maybe things would be diff but you know, I got friends and family in the divorce zone and those were messy (kids, homes, careers... etc.) This is tame by comparison and so what anyways. Courtney is better off without d'Ex and JR will ultimately getback what she puts out there. In the mean time, I'm still a fan. Geez, I've read three years worth of her Journals (the real reason I ever found my way here was from that starting point - and no her journal is just an HTML form on her web site). Now, as I was saying, people were not happy with my opinion so I had a riot arguing the point. I dont know what your experiences have been on the net with message boards, but this was really kinda cool. It did NOT degenerate in to flame wars!!! Even with that much tension, and so divisive an issue, people were really very considerate of how they made their points... a few pin heads had to post some stupid things but they got their own right back.

Lastly (on this issue) is my still marginal opinion (maybe its just a hope) that the whole thing was just a head-fuck. As in "staged" for the viewing public. There are tonnes of issues not referenced here having to do with JenniCam site financing, streaming video setups, etc. From my point of view, if this was all an act... it was a great one. A really top notch head game deserving of applause. ps. Most of the people at the jenni forum would begin cutting me to pieces for saying that but I don't really care.

So, I'll let you know if anything really worth posting comes along on this intenet soap opera and in the mean time I'll try to figure out how to customize my Journal.

See ya.

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